Precious Moments Event 2009 @ Singapore!!

Precious Moment is organizing a special event only in Singapore! This will be a great news for all Precious Moment collectors! The author of Precious Moment - Mr. Samuel Butcher will be coming to Singapore for signing session, in conjunction of launching of the Samuel Butcher's Exclusive Book! What's more? He will also sign on the Event's only Figurine!

Of course, as a BIG fan of Precious Moment Figurine, I will never missed such a good event! In fact, I was so lucky as so coincident I went to Singapore on early July and that was the time they started selling the event's tickets. Without hesitating, my sister in law & I bought the event's ticket immediately. The event's ticket selling at S$ 239/pc, which include the entrance for 2pax, 1pc of Samuel Butcher's Exclusive Book & 1pc of signed Event only Figurine ~ Our Love is the Bridge of Happiness (to be collect on the Event day).

Besides that, they were also offering few Disney figurine at promo price, which additional discount is given on top of the 10% member discount! Both of us bought about 7 pc of Disney Figurines on that day!

Without further long-winded story telling, here's my haul for the Precious Moment.

Our Love is the Bridge to Happiness (Event only Figurine)

Event only Figurine ~ Hand Builds a Heart, Heart Builds a Home! S$ 159 (U.P: S$ 199)
Event only Figurine ~ I am 4ever by your side

Disney Figurine ~ The Magic of Season
Disney Figurine ~ Anything is Possible with Friends

Disney Figurine ~ Fair in the Beauty & the Spirit

Disney Figurine ~ Laughter Gives Friends the Power to Share

So? Do you gals love the above figurines? If yes, please stay tune, as I have more to blog later on all my membership & member only figurines!

Actually the Precious Thots in Malaysia also selling the event figurines, if you check it out from MV & 1U, they are selling at RM 799 (Figurine + Samuel Butcher's Exclusive Book). I think it's rather expensive. Let's do a little calculation: S$ 239 x 2.45 = RM 585.60, you will get to see the author - Samuel Butcher, additionally you can still go for the lucky draw which there are few limited edition figurines to be won!!

Wah... I really can't wait until that day! So... I had already packed my luggage to depart to Singapore for the event on 4th Sept ~ 6th Sept 09.

Will blog about this after the event! Stay tune!!!

P/S: Sob sob... because of this event, I have to turn down Miu's invites to Genting for Pyjamas Party! You gals must enjoy enjoy lor... meanwhile I will snap more photos on the event! Will make sure I bring the camera!!!


Anonymous August 25, 2009 at 4:08 PM  

love ,but expensive how lei? hahaha >_<""

tutu J

Jessying August 25, 2009 at 4:23 PM  

so niceeeee but so expensiveee... nice to see nice to hold, once broken candy going to kill me !!!

Janice August 25, 2009 at 7:12 PM  

nice leh!! but ex oso... ><

Candygal's Precious Box!! August 26, 2009 at 10:36 AM  

yeah... really nice... now 1 cabinet is not enough for all my collection... saving to get another glass cabinet!

Sherry September 9, 2009 at 2:49 PM  

wow.. nice collection :) they are sure precious! :)

good choice.

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