Condensed Milk Mantou by TM5

My recent new love - Thermomix TM5!
If I tell you this new toy bring a lot of joy to me and my families & friends! 

Let me share with you this lovely Condensed Milk Mantou. Frankly speaking, before I got TM5, I had never thought about homemade mantou at all, as it's not easy to make perfect dough! 

With TM5, all we need is less than 3mins of time to wake the yeast and knead the dough! 3 mins later... Ta da... Mantou dough is ready... Next is proofing... It took about 35-45mins to proof the Mantou before we can really steam it.

Now, here comes the recipe for TM5:-

Condensed Milk Mantou
100g - water
5g - yeast
10g - raw cane sugar (or to your taste)
Put all these ingredients into mixing bowl with 30sec / 37'c / spd 2
(This is to wake the yeast)

Add in the following after 30sec:-
250g - pau flour
100g - Condensed Milk
1 pinch - salt
2mins / / Dough function

After 2 mins, pour the dough on a lightly floured silicone mat for easy shaping. 

Now use rolling pin to roll the dough flat (this is to let go the extra air in the dough). Then use hand to roll back the dough to make Mantou shape. Then cut into desire size of Mantou.

Let it proof for 35-45mins, then put back the Varoma tray into TM5 and steam for 18mins / V / spd 2


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