I had just done my nail moment ago before I put up my first post today about the first Konad job! Today, I wanted to try applying Konad Stamp by using different colors, however, I think I must make sure the color match is well done, otherwise, it seem like kinda awful!!

I like the butterfly with the flowers! However, I think the yellow & blue butterfly had make the nail look awful!! Grrr... will re-do when I am free!!

Today I am using Etude House as base color! Top with Konad stamp Plate M 54, M53 & M22!

My First Konad Sponge Kit

I can only said that I am currently crazy about Konad! After bought the first Konad Stamping Starter Kit on last Thursday, I went back to the counter to get the Sponge Starter Kit as follow!! The Sponge Starter Kit also a fun kit, as it is really easy to apply and the result is really amazing!!

Can't wait to try on the sponge nail art after I reached home, as usual I tried it on!! However, I am not so good on stamping, had failed few times and it was so late during that time, so I just put on Etude House stickers which I bought recently during their 50% discount!!

Do you like my sponge nail art???!!!

2nd Konad Stamping Job

After I done my SIL's nail, immediately I tried on my own nail! Thought of trying different color of stamping, but seem like the attempt was not success! Most likely the blue color doesn't match with the glittery red base color. By the way, I am using the Konad Image Plate M2 & M3.

This is what I used for my nail!!

My first Konad Job!!

As you notice that I had just bought my first Konad kit on last Thursday! I can't wait to try it on last week, immediately I called my SIL to come over to try the Konad kit!!

Here's my job!!

What I used for this job, basically I applied the base coat, then follow by the matte pink and top with french style by using Anna Sui glitters. But instead of doing normal french style, I made a little modification by pulling the glitter curvy down to the bottom of the nail. Followed by Konad stamp! She had choose the ribbon which is from plate M3. After all done, I had added some rhine stone, mini gold pearl & flakes to decor on the nail.

Not to forget, if you do Konad Stamping, you will have to apply the Konad Top Coat! Of course, as usual I will top it up with my favorite quick dry top coat from Sally Hansen.

Finally, the pretty nail is ready!!! She loves it so much!!

New Toy from Hubby!!

Thanks to my lovely hubby who bought me this set of new toy from Konad!!! Now... No worries of drawing!! Hahaha... this is the Stamping Nail Art!! Where you will just need to apply the special nail polish on the plate and scrap it off and stamp it quickly on your nail! It's fun, easy & pretty!!! Will do some nail design this week and post to show you gals!!

I was actually browsing thru the Konad website for the last few days after seeing the cute stamping nail art on one of the blogspot. Thought of going to Puchong to check out their shop on this weekend. Then, hubby called me yesterday said he will be leaving office late and wanted me to go into The Garden to do window shopping while waiting for him. So while waiting, I did shop around Isetan, The Garden. Browsing at the shoes corner and found this new shop - Nail Bar at the end corner of the shoes department.

Well, I will just say that I am totally addicted to nail art now and will just check out all the nail counter I go to see if there is anything I want. Then I saw they are selling Konad Stamping Nail Art here!!! So excited!! Excited because Isetan Garden has their counter and I can buy here and collected Isetan points!! So I decided to come back on Saturday after attend the workshop in MV.

Hubby called and said he is ready to go and will meet me at Coach shop! When met him, I was so excited and can't wait to share with him about what I found in Isetan!! So he said go and have a look! Haha...

Taa... Daaa.... here's the little pressie from hubby for me!!! Hubby... love u so much!!!

Pressie from Hubby
Konad Stamping Nail Art Starter Set - RM 68
Special Top Coat & Special Nail Polish for the stamping nail art
RM 18 each for 10ml
Oppsss... forgot to share this, according to the SA, we must use the special nail polish & top coat for stamping nail art!!

New Hobby ~ Nail Art!

Recently was so busy, almost tied up with appointments every weekends! Wonder what I was busy with? Recently not so active in workshop until last week which I had attended the Smashbox workshop @ Parkson Pavillion!

Anyway, back to today's topic! As some of you might aware, I am falling deeply in love with my new hobby ~ Nail art!!! I just couldn't resist anything with nail, spent so much on nail polishes, accessories and stuff!

Will update my current tools & accessories soon!

I would like to share some of the nail works which I had done recently, for myself, friends & family!

I did this for myself during CNY!
CNY Decor for my Auntie Rofina
Nail works for SIL on Chap Goh Mei
For black color lover ~ My cousin sis
For lil gal ~ Pei Yin which I did for her during her school break!

The Garden Cafe @ The Curve

Went to The Curve last week with hubby for movie and were hunting for food! Frankly speaking, there are so many food outlet in The Curve, probably too many choice, it was so difficult to decide what to go for!

After discussed on what to eat, we saw this nice ambient and cosy place nearby Italiannies and decided to try it out!

There are 2 sections for the restaurant - the outdoor & indoor. The table decor is so lovely, there are small plants on each table! I heard they are all for sale too!

Flipped over the menu to choose what to eat! So many choices! Everything looks like very delicious & tasty too!

Finally, I choose the Mee Siam, hubby choose Black Pepper Chicken Chop & Wild Mushroom soup! We ordered Honey Lemon & Lychee Ice Blended!

Overall experience:-
Food ~ Delicious
Portion ~ Small
Drinks ~ Good
Soup ~ Good

Will definitely go back again! Haha... anyway, will be going there for dinner with hubby tonight too!

Couple CrocsBand!!!

Crocs... Guess everyone familiar with Crocs!! We saw this latest crocs shoes ~ CrocsBand before CNY and was so excited about it! Somehow, we tried to find it in most of the Crocs shop, they were out of stocks for most of the popular size!

Hubby got himself a pair of CrocsBand before CNY and I had ordered mine from Crocs Shop, MV! But was waited for almost 1 month and didn't heard any news from it! Then my bro called and told me there are still plenty of sizes available in KLCC, thus, we went over to KLCC to check it out! Haha... Lucky day! There are still 2 pairs available for my size! Trying here and there on the sizes to make sure the comfortability of wearing it!

This red color Crocsband is really sharp and outstanding!! Do you like it??!!! The cost of each pair is RM 139! The kiddy size also available at RM 129!!

Agnes B 2010 Spring/Summer Mook

Agnes B 2010 Spring/Summer Mook finally arrived in Kinokuniya KLCC last week. I had collected my copies and can't wait to snap pictures to show you gals. But was busy with exhibition last week, that's why had just blog about it now.

This Spring/Summer mook comes with Agnes B prints tote & a keyring. The print is outstanding and material of tote is pretty satisfying!

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