iPhone 6

Guess I am one of the luckiest in the world to have this super awesome daddy! 

Went to Japan for holiday last week with hubby and my dad! 

At first daddy was talking about getting himself a new iPhone 6 and he was considering whether to get iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+! 

On the next morning, he woke up earlier and told me: "let's go to Apple Store in Osaka!" I was like u seriously wanna buy iPhone 6 here? He said yeah! I wanna get 5 of them! Wtf!! Later he said he wanna get it for all of us as Xmas gift! Omg!! I think I am so so lucky to have such an awesome daddy!!!

After arriving at shinsaibashi Apple Store at 10.05am, we saw super long Q lining up in the store and we do not have a clue as we thought that was the Q to buy iPhone 6! Later only found out that is actually the service Q! iPhone 6 & 6+ only available for pre-order and subject to store availability! 

Lucky that lady is helpful and helped us check which is the available store and found Fukuoka still have plenty of Gold color 64GB iPhone 6 available for booking! Lucky us! Immediately we make online booking and rush down to Fukuoka from Osaka! It's almost a 3 hours ride by Shinkansen! 

So we rushed down to Fukuoka at around 12pm and arrived at 3.30pm at Apple Store Fukuoka! Happily collected all the 5pc of iPhone 6! 

This is my new iPhone 6 with the cute Hello Kitty casing!! 

Thanks dad for the earlier Xmas gift this year!!! I love u so much xoxo!!!! 

Electric Lunch Box - Boil ABC Soup

Typical Chinese soup - ABC Soup 

This is non halal but you can always change the pork part to replace it with chicken tight or drumstick.

Using the Bandari D9 to boil ABC soup. This is the most simple and easiest soup to cook! You don't have to be a chef to enjoy yummy soup! 

Tammy once tried this soup and she loves it so much!

Very simple way to cook, let's start with ingredient:-

2pc of Pork Rib (can replace it with drumstick or tight, but pls remove skin)
1pc of Potato
1pc of Tomato
Half pc of Carrots
Half pc of Corn
1pc of big onion
2-3pc of dried scallop

1) Prepare hot boil water and soak the pork rib or skinless chicken into water. This will help to wash away or cleansed the unwanted oil. Then put the soaked rib or drumstick or tight into Bandari D9 metal bowl.
2) cut all ingredient into small pieces and put into the pot.
3) Pour water into the boiler. There is an indication in the pot, do not fill water over the line. Put the metal bowl into the pot.
4) Choose Boil soup (炖汤)- preset time is 2hrs (if you want the soup to taste nicer, you may add 1hr more to 3hrs instead.)
5) Wait for 2-3hrs for the soup to be serve.

6) After 2-3hrs, yummy soup can be serve! Using this bowl, the soup is good for 2pax max!!

Electric Lunch Box - Fried Egg Red Bean with Rice

Today's lunch box!

Today had prepared simple lunch for hubby! 

Woke up early to fried egg and keep in a separate Tupperware for him. Pour half can of red bean into the food tray and here it goes!

2pc Egg (pan fried)
Half can of Red Bean (Ayam brand)
1 cup of rice (rinse with water)

Air tight and keep it in Bear Electric Lunch Box for hubby to bring to work and keep in the fridge when arrived at office!! 

How it works:-
1) Open the transparent cover of lunch box!
2) Pour water into rice. Make sure water do not over your palm. (Measured with Palm)
3) Put back the middle tray onto the rice tray.
4) Pour 160ml of water into the lunch box. Plug in power cord and switch on the power.
5) Wait for 30mins to cook. (suggest to cook for 30mins and leave it for 10mins to steam the rice for it to taste better)
6) Here you go! Yummilicious fried egg with red bean + Rice is served!

This simple lunch only cost less than RM 5!!! 

Sorry for the photo quality as I am snapping it using iPhone only!!

Dessert 1: Figs with Pears and "Chuan Bei" Powder Dessert

Tong shui (Dessert) series 1:-

Boil this because I am coughing non stop for few days!

Figs with pears and "chuan bei" powder dessert.

1pc of giant Korean pear
3pc giant red dates
3pc candies dates
3pc giant figs
10grams "chuan bei" powder
3pcs of pandan leaves
(Supposed to add cane sugar, but since I am using Korean pear which is sweet enough, so I skip the cane sugar)

I am using #DDZ136 double boiler to boil it for 3hrs!

The "chuan bei" is good for coughing, but in order for it to be more effective, I requested the shop to grind it to powdery so we can absorb fully when we drink it!





My Various Electric Lunch Box and Pots Collection!!!

I had not been writing for a very very long time! Recently I am so in love with cooking as I had bought a few of the different type of electric lunch box!

Today I would like to share various lunch box and double boiler I had in my collection which helped me a lot in my recent cooking journey! Hehe!!!

Let's start with my first pot I bought back in March 2014, when my colleague asked if I am interested to get a double boiler together to have some saving, then I thought why not! Here comes my very first pot from my dear friend - #QZ Net Home. 

This is the very first pot. I seriously love this pot so much and so crazily in love with it! This is Seakea 9A! It comes with timer, so it is rather convenience for working lady like us! The capacity for this pot is rather small, only 0.8L! So it's only good to cook for 1-2pax! I used this to cook various type of tong shui, porridge, desserts and soup! It can use yo steam rice as well! Easily use and convenience!

The second items I bought is the Eggplus machine! 

This egg machine is also able to make some yummilicious breakfast or dinner in just 5mins!! It's convenience as well! Haha! Basically all the items I am sharing today are convenience!

Third item I had bought is electric lunch box! But seriously, I don't quite like this unit as it's small in portion and most importantly, they are not air tight! 

Forth item I had bought will be the Star of the day!! The Bear Lunch Box!!! This is the lunch box I am currently using on daily basis to cook in my office! If you follow my FB, you will be able to see what I cook everyday and post in FB! 

This is a 2 tiers electric lunch box, big capacity! The bottom tray I usually use to cook rice, middle tray will use to steam my food! I seldom use the top tray, but sometimes when I had friends coming over, I will use it to cook for them as well! What best about it, it can be vacuum pack or air tight after you prepare your food tonight for tomorrow! It can also be used as single tier! Of course you might think, if you only use it as single tier lunch box, why not you buy single tier then? Well, the different of price for single and 2 tiers lunch box is very small only! And when you get 2 tiers, you can always cook 2 dishes if you wish! But if you only get single tier, when you need to cook 2 dishes or 1 dish + 1 soup, you might regret!

Let's move on! The fifth pot I bought is actually a upgrade version of my first pot - Seakea 9A! This new upgrade version is from Tonze DGD12-12QWG! Why I chose this? Mainly because the capacity is bigger, it can cook 1.2L of dessert or soup! Good for 2-3pax! 

Well, as mentioned earlier, we usually cooked in the office, for lunch time, tea break or desserts! Normally we will cook for 2-3pax, sometimes if we have some other domestic colleagues who are in office then they will have chance to share our desserts, so everyone will get a tea cup of desserts! Hehe! That's what make us happy when everyone enjoy it!! 

The next thing I bought is a double boiler cum lunch box! This is Bandari DDG-D9 pot! I specially love this pot as well! As sometimes I will boil soup, such as ABC soup or some vege soup! 

Besides used it to boil soup, I also used it to boil birdnest or ba zhan (八珍)! When I used this to boil ba zhan, I will set timer to let it cook in midnight so I can drink it in the morning before going to work! 

The seventh pot I bought recently after all the above mini and cutie pot, here it comes the family used pot! This is Bear DDZ136 big pot! This pot have a capacity of 2.5L pot and 3pc of 0.6L pot. 

What I love about this pot is, I can cook 3 different dessert at a same time for 3 pax! Also, the most importantly, it had a separator to make chicken essence at home! I shall share the recipe in another post! 

Lastly, this is the latest lunch box I got! But have not try it out yet! I will try it out when I am back from my business trip in end June! Latest product from Bandari DFH-K8! Shall review it in separate post as well! 

Here's all my collection in 2014

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