Stage Makeover

Stage @ Mid Valley

Sunday afternoon went to Mid Valley for Stage Makeover which I had won from Jess's 1st blog contest!

My make up artist of the day Ameer, a young malay guy, he did a good job, cuz I love the makeover a lot! Even my hubby told me it's nice! Ameer told me he had 3 years experience in this field! He blend and matched the color very well on my skin tone!

I told him I prefer a natural look as I will be going for shopping later! So he chose the purple color as eye shadow! I never thought purple color can turn out so good on me! *wink*

Here's the photo of the day! After I had the makeover session, I went to meet my sister at Dior @ The Garden!

I love the makeover!!

Rene Furterer

Today went to KLCC for Bookfest to grab few magazines I had missed the last time I went!

Anyway, today's top story is not about Bookfest instead! It's about the Rene Furterer promotion for Isetan member! Wow... it's so good luck to be Isetan member as we get so many freebies & promotion from time to time!!

Actually after I done my shopping at bookfest, I was supposed headed straight to Ferragamo @ the Gallery, Isetan KLCC to meet up with my bro & sister. But when I walked in from the Apartment entrance, the Rene Furterer was at my left hand side and I saw the advertisement about the promo. Of course, without delay, I headed straight to the SA and asked her about the free hair scalp analysis & consultation. I signed up for both myself & my hubby for the analysis, as I heard very good comments from Sasa & Jess on last Saturday gathering.

I let my hubby do the analysis first, then I told the SA I will be back to do mine, cuz my bro & sis was calling me to meet them upstairs. But after my sis paid for the bills @ the Gallery, we head back to Rene for the hair analysis. This time, all of us had enrolled to get the analysis, my bro & wife, my sis & myself (hubby done before this).

The SA - Ms. Serene, she is really helpful and provide us with handful info. She said I had a dry scalp with some dead skin where I will need to scrub my hair scalp to clean off my scalp. Basically everything is healthy, except for the oily pores & dry scalp. So she recommended few products for me... She intro their STAR product which is Complex 5 @ RM 126 (U.P: RM 140 - 10% discount0(Jess is luring for it!!) and few other products which suitable for me & my hubby.

After that, she told me that if I want to do treatment, I should go directly to Pavillion where they have their own boutique or treatment spa available. They are having Isetan card member promo now until 31 Aug where they give 10% discount counter wide. Whereas, if you can't make it to go now, no prob, as Isetan will have another promo where you can buy Fioravanti No Rinse (Detangling Spray) for only RM 68 (U.P: RM 85) - start 1 Sept 09 for 1 week only (limited to 50 sets only)

Beside, I also bought a starter pack for color hair set which comprised of 1 shampoo, 2 hair masks & 1 hair spray for color hair @ RM 70.

GWP: 1 travel bag + 4 travel size sample

Total damage at Rene Furterer is RM 196. Here's my haul:-

Complex 5, Colored Hair Starter Pack, GWP & Samples after analysis & Consultation

My haul - Complex 5 & Starter pack


They had few treatments available at their Spa Boutique in Pavillion:-

Basic treatment - RM 60
Special Spa Treatment - RM 240 (buy 1 free 1 - until 31 Aug)

I only know they had this 2 packages, I am sure they have more, probably I will drop by Pavillion tomorrow to check out their package. It's so tempting since it's so nice!!! Wanna try it out!!!

My Previous Makeover 2008

Hehe... just to show off my previous makeover session which I done in the studio with my mom! I love this few photos, especially the make up and hairdo! Which is nicer compare with Dior Makeover??

2nd Haul from Beautilicious!!

Guess you saw my 1st haul yesterday, today I had collected some orders from my fellow bloggers and readers and heading for 2nd haul.

Good news is.... they finally putting up the brush set for sale! I asked them why? They said because I requested... hmm... did I? hahaha... probably because i did called them up this morning to check if they can let me have few more sets? kekeke... *evil smile*

Anyway, here is my haul today!

1) 4x Brush sets
2) 1x Eye Liner
3) 1x Smoke gets in your eye
4) 1x Eye Opener
5) 1x Sweet Baby Doll
6) 1x Eye Shadow Brush
7) 1x Jelly beans
8) 1x Arch it right
9) 4x Instant Eye Shadow
10) 1x Mini Pan case
11) 4x Eyeshadow refills
12) 1x Lip Gloss

Total Damage: RM 370 (U.P: RM 710.50)

Great saving!!!

Total 2nd Haul

Haul for Ella Ho ~ my new reader from Malacca!!

P/S: Final call for those who wanted anything from the above, please drop me an email, cuz i will be going again this afternoon! My email:

My Haul from Beautilicous Warehouse Sale

Another warehouse sale in town! The Beautilicious Warehouse sale....

I am quite new to this brand, as I browsed through Janice's blog on last Friday and found out about this warehouse sale. Straight away I checked with my sister in law - Cammy, she told me that I can only find Beautilicious products in Watson and I went to Watson on Saturday with Cammy. I found some make up kits which really lovely and most importantly their Brushes set! Something that I eye-ing for so long and I love their texture as well! Very soft!

After the survey at Watson, we started to plan and budget for the warehouse sale!

I met Cammy at MV after work, but it was raining so heavily and I guess nothing can stop gals from going to "Retail Therapy" (term used by Vonvon for shopping). Haha... I arrived at their office at Kuchai around 6.30pm and I could not get any parking space around... I had to park my car at the back lane of the building and run over to the building, as raining really heavy and it's so windy!

When we arrived, there are few staffs around in the office, I guess I will be their last customer! I asked permission from the staff whether I can take photos of the cosmetics on the table to blog about it later? She said okay and walked out from that little room. But came in back with her CEO - Ms. Julie, pretty & charming lady! Guess what? I will rate it 5 star *wink wink* as all their staffs are really friendly and kind.

In fact, Ms. Julie had introduced few of their star products to me, such as:-

a) The Magic Wand - Liquid Eye Liner (easy to use, even for amateur like me)
b) Puff Up Souffle - 2 way cake with SPF 15 (double function - Sunblock & protect our silky skin)
c) Eye Majic Wonder Eyes (Instant eye applicator, easy to use - apply, slide & blend it, all can be done within 10 seconds)
d) Arch it Right Eyebrow Kit (help to fix or trim eyebrow with 4 eyebrow stencil)
e) Dream Holiday Kit (Travel must-have ~ All in 1 kits)
f) Jelly Beans Lip Pallette (bring this 8-in-1 pallette and u will be able to change lips colors as u like)
g) Brush Set

Well, of course I am very happy with my haul and probably will go back again tomorrow to get other stuffs which I really likes. Let me do a small price report and show you gals my haul!

Price report:-
a) Liquid Eye Liner - 3 colors (Black, Blue, Brown) ~ RM 21 (U.P: Rm 29.90) (Made in Korea)
b) Alyssa, Victoria & Dessert Bar Pallette ~ RM 35 (U.P: RM 49.90)
c) Instant Eye Shadow (Limited colors) ~ Rm 5/pc (U.P: RM 12.90)
d) The Retro Kit ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 59.90)
e) Smoke Gets in your Eye Kit ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 59.90)
f) Eye Opener Kit ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 59.90)
g) Jelly Beans Lip Pallette ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 66.90)
h) Twinkling Star Kit ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 66.90)
i) Dream Holiday Kit ~ RM 56 (U.P: RM 79.90)
j) Quick Liquid Eyes Kit ~ RM 40 (U.P: RM 66.90)
k) Arch it Right Eyebrow Kit ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 59.90) - Only 1 but with small defects
l) Sweet baby Doll Kit ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 59.90)
m) Eyeshadow/Blush refills ~ RM 7 (U.P: RM 15.90)
n) Pan Case 6 slots ~ RM 10 (U.P: RM 25.90)
o) Pan Case 3 slots ~ RM 7 (U.P: RM 15.90)
p) Eye Shadow brush ~ RM 7 (U.P: RM 15.90)
q) Eyebrow brush & comb ~ RM 7 (U.P: RM 15.90)
r) Lip gloss ~ Rm 10 (U.P: RM 25.90)
s) Brush bag ~ RM 10 (U.P: RM 29.90) ~ Sold Out

Their Catalogues ~ Supposed to print in Pink, but the supplier did it wrongly,
but i think this color also nice. Of course pinky more lady ma...

Make up kits & Eyeshadow/blusher refills

Make-up kits close up!

Jelly Beans Lip Pallette & The Retro Kit

Star Product ~ Eye liner & Mascara
Dream Holiday Kit

Dessert Bar Pallette

I like Alyssa Pallette... might go back for it!

Bargain corner - from RM 20 (i think) with small defects

Eyeshadow Brush
Eye Brow brush & Comb

Here comes my haul, total damage: RM 142

1) Brush set
2) Instant Eye shadow
3) Eye liner
4) Eye Shadow brush
5) 2 make up kits
6) Lip gloss

Total Haul!

Likes what I have? Let me know if you want anything from Beautilicious, I will be going back again tomorrow!!

P/S: btw, they don't have the Brush set for sell!!

Popular Bookfest @ KLCC Convention Center

As I had blogged about this Bookfest 2 weeks ago! Calling all book lovers, I went to the Popular Bookfest @ KLCC last Sunday, and gosh, it was crowded! I think nothing can stop the book lovers to rush to the Bookfest to grab the great deals. The entrance fee is RM 2/day, if you planning to go for all 10 days, just purchase a 10 days ticket for RM 10.

Let me do some price report here:-
1) Old Taiwanese magazines @ RM 7/pc, promo with 3pc for RM 15
2) Bros bottles 550ml @ 2 for RM 20 (U.P: RM 15.90/pc).
3) Easy Go travel Guide @ RM 16.90 (U.P: RM 24.90 - RM 31.90)
4) The Popular Food Guide @ RM 12.90
5) Macau travel guide @ RM 26.90 (U.P: RM 43.20)
6) Chinese motivation novels/books @ RM 19.90 ~ RM 22.90 (U.P: RM 28.60 ~ RM 39.90)
7) Kevin Makeup Bible @ RM 12.90 (U.P: RM 25)
8) Kevin Nude Make up Bible @ RM 10.90 (U.P: RM 25)
9) Beauty with Magic Hair (Taiwan) @ RM 37.90 (U.P: RM 54.30)
10) Various Original CD @ RM 9.90/pc

Here is my haul:-

Books from Popular Bookfest @ KLCC

Old Taiwanese Mag @ 3 for RM 15

Travel Guide for my next travel destination....

Books for my best friends who currently working in Philippines!

Bros bottles 550ml @ 2 for RM 20

Guess I will be going back again on this coming Sunday to check out if they have further mark down on the books I missed out!!!

Specially for Pigita!!


RECENTLY, I saw photos in newspapers showing people wearing "surgical masks" at shopping malls, schools, mamak stalls and other public areas. I have even noticed people wearing them out in the open with no one around.

Because of this, I would like to explain why the mask may do more harm than good.

The H1N1 virus is
not airborne. To be considered an airborne virus, the microorganism would have to survive or remain in the air for long periods of time. The H1N1 virus does not stay airborne.

I have noticed many people wearing masks in crowded places. However, places like airports, shopping malls and schools are full of germs and bacteria. If a small amount of bacteria gets into a hole in the mask, you will provide a breeding ground for the bacteria, which may lead to an illness or infection. The moisture you produce in your mask is perfect for bacteria and viruses, and may be a recipe for disaster.

The way to prevent exposure to H1N1 virus is to
avoid physical contact with people who may be sick or infected. Also avoid commonly touched surfaces like escalator railings, poles and public toilet doorknobs.

The H1N1 virus usually spreads when someone touches surfaces with the virus and then touches his own nose, eyes or mouth.

Washing your hands frequently is the best defense against exposure.

And yes, the virus may travel from point A to point B in the air. But it will drop, not stay airborne.

Wearing a mask is only good at helping you not to spread your illness to others if you are infected.

Source: NST - Letter to Editor on August 7, '09 by Kiang Jau Sang Malacca

Kiehl's Party

Before the party start! Ice Man is welcoming all the guest!

On 8th August 09, Vonvon invited almost 30 of her loyal blog followers & readers to the blasting Kiehl's Party at Pavillion!

Well, that was a very busy Saturday but it was the most enjoyable 1! Why make me said that? Simply because I am also an invited guest of vonvon's Kiehl's party!!! Haha... that was my first time stepping into Kiehl's, had always stared at the shop whenever I went to 1U, cuz the display of the shop is so welcoming, but somehow the SA looks so LC lo... But I had changed my impression after attending to Vonvon's Kiehl's Party! The KCRs in Pavillion are so friendly! Nadia - the presenter did a very good job on giving us a lesson on how and where Kiehl's from!

After the presentation, Vonvon had requested all her readers to intro themselves, no one can actually escape from it! T.T... At least not me... probably too big to hide!! Hahaha.... moment after the introduction session, the most excited parts of the party, to try on the products!!

I tried so many things... but keep resist myself to buy from the shop, yet I had failed! I bought a dandruff shampoo and of course, I also got some free samples for trial purpose! I didn't know that Kiehl's can be so generous! Salute Kiehl's! As far as I know, there is no such company in the market being so generous in giving out samples for customer to try!

What's more on that day? For every RM 100 you spent, you will entitled RM 10 discount immediately from your purchase!!

After I bought the shampoo for dandruff home, I can't wait til try it out immediately to see how it works! Come to my surprise, after 3 days of usage of the shampoo, my dandruff problems seem to be better! I don't see dandruff peeling off from my skin! After 7 days of usage, I do not have major dandruff problems anymore! Now, I am using it everyday to make sure it is all cure!

Nevertheless, every invited guests are entitled to bring home a freebie goodie bag! It consists of Ultra Facial Moisturizer 30ml & Hair Conditioner & Grooming Aid 65ml (both are deluxe size). On top of the designed door gift, they also giving out the sachets of the products we are interested for us to try before purchasing the full size! I am happy to bring home freebies + 1 bottle of Dandruff shampoo!

Here's some highlight of the Kiehl's Party!

Freebies/Door gift (2 bottles of deluxe size samples)

After I saw the significant changed on the dandruff problems, I called my sister immediately as she had serious dandruff problems where she tried out many types of shampoo and still cannot help to solve her problems. I told her what Kiehl's did magic on my dandruff problems, she immediately show interest to try on. I took her to Kiehl's in Isetan KLCC to buy the same shampoo I recommended! And guess what, we brought home with 3 sachets each of Ultimate White Surface Brightening Exfoliator!!!

I think Kiehl's products are really natural and it really makes wonders!!

As per von's blog, they are having Merdeka promo where every RM 100 purchase, you will be entitled RM 10 discount immediately on the purchase! My sis just told me that she had just spent about RM 450 (after discount) from Kiehl's Mid Valley! But she said the KCR is lack of products knowledge, as she asked her about the products and skin type problem, the KRC unable to answer her question! Anyway, I am sure she is happy with her haul today! I will try to blog about what she bought on this weekend when I go back to my parent's house! Well, as for me, I think I will not missed this opportunity to grab something I want from the Merdeka sale!!

Boy & gals, Kiehl's products are really good, please don't hesitate to try it, as you can try it before you purchase the full size! So, don't wait, go grab your favorite from Kiehl's today!!!

P/S: Photos courtesy of Jessying. Thanks Jess for allowing me to "steal" the photos from her blog! hehehe...

Precious Moments Event 2009 @ Singapore!!

Precious Moment is organizing a special event only in Singapore! This will be a great news for all Precious Moment collectors! The author of Precious Moment - Mr. Samuel Butcher will be coming to Singapore for signing session, in conjunction of launching of the Samuel Butcher's Exclusive Book! What's more? He will also sign on the Event's only Figurine!

Of course, as a BIG fan of Precious Moment Figurine, I will never missed such a good event! In fact, I was so lucky as so coincident I went to Singapore on early July and that was the time they started selling the event's tickets. Without hesitating, my sister in law & I bought the event's ticket immediately. The event's ticket selling at S$ 239/pc, which include the entrance for 2pax, 1pc of Samuel Butcher's Exclusive Book & 1pc of signed Event only Figurine ~ Our Love is the Bridge of Happiness (to be collect on the Event day).

Besides that, they were also offering few Disney figurine at promo price, which additional discount is given on top of the 10% member discount! Both of us bought about 7 pc of Disney Figurines on that day!

Without further long-winded story telling, here's my haul for the Precious Moment.

Our Love is the Bridge to Happiness (Event only Figurine)

Event only Figurine ~ Hand Builds a Heart, Heart Builds a Home! S$ 159 (U.P: S$ 199)
Event only Figurine ~ I am 4ever by your side

Disney Figurine ~ The Magic of Season
Disney Figurine ~ Anything is Possible with Friends

Disney Figurine ~ Fair in the Beauty & the Spirit

Disney Figurine ~ Laughter Gives Friends the Power to Share

So? Do you gals love the above figurines? If yes, please stay tune, as I have more to blog later on all my membership & member only figurines!

Actually the Precious Thots in Malaysia also selling the event figurines, if you check it out from MV & 1U, they are selling at RM 799 (Figurine + Samuel Butcher's Exclusive Book). I think it's rather expensive. Let's do a little calculation: S$ 239 x 2.45 = RM 585.60, you will get to see the author - Samuel Butcher, additionally you can still go for the lucky draw which there are few limited edition figurines to be won!!

Wah... I really can't wait until that day! So... I had already packed my luggage to depart to Singapore for the event on 4th Sept ~ 6th Sept 09.

Will blog about this after the event! Stay tune!!!

P/S: Sob sob... because of this event, I have to turn down Miu's invites to Genting for Pyjamas Party! You gals must enjoy enjoy lor... meanwhile I will snap more photos on the event! Will make sure I bring the camera!!!

1st giveaway to Jessying's readers!!!

What a Good news!! I didn't expect I will win the contest from Jessying!! Thanks Jess for selected me as the winner!! I will transform myself and blog about it when done!!

There are so many good news in town which I wanted to blog about and so sorry about blogging about the very 1st Giveaway by Jessying's readers!!!

Jessying is giving out the Stage Makeover Voucher worth RM 80 for FREE and RM 10 voucher for her lucky readers! Of course, she will also be preparing some surprise freebies to cheer up our day!!

So, FREEBIEHOLICS out there!! What are you waiting for?? It's another 2 hours before the closing. To win the freebies, just follow the simple step below and you will definitely stand a chance on bring it back home!!

1) Be the follower of Jessying's Blog ( Kindly leave your follow ID for her to follow up )

2) Just complete a simple slogan in the most interesting way by leaving comment in the blog entry

" I would like to have the Stage makeover because ........"

3) If you are a blogger, and blog about this then you increase your chance of winning ! (Please kindly email her your blog link)

5) Contest will close on 25th August 12pm and she will announce the winner on the same day. And please kindly check your email and let her have your address, she will send it by poslaju of the vouchers to you on the same day. So by 26 August 2009 , you shall receive my vouchers and can be used it immediately!

Take immediate action without further delay or you will be regret to grab the STAGE FREE MAKEOVER!!!

Anna Sui Step by Step Makeover Session for Isetan Members!!

Guess by now most of the Isetan members knows about the Anna Sui Step by Step mini Makeover session! In fact I get to know about it when Miu blogged on this!

I had called up to make appointment for photo session on Sunday 23 Aug @ 3pm. Actually was there in KLCC since morning for the Bookfest. Then rushed over to Isetan, KLCC at 2.45pm for the makeover session. I thought it was one to one session, when I arrived, the SA told me it's a 3 participants in 1 mini workshop!

This step by step makeover session is featuring their new launched Anna Sui Falls Collections! From liquid foundation, powder foundation to eye shadow, eye base, mascara, blusher and lipsticks/lip gloss!

The eye shadow & lipstick comes in 3 shades. I tried the brown eye base, pink + white eye shadow with #350 blusher + red lipsticks and mascara. I specially likes their eye base, didn't know that eye base blend so well with the eye shadow and keep the make up last longer!

Here is the photo before and after the makeup! Haha... guess it looks so much different though! I love the pinky shimmery looks!

Before Anna Sui Makeover session

After Anna Sui Makeover Session

Nevertheless, all workshop comes with freebies! Anna Sui is giving out the following goodie bag worth more than RM 80 which consists of:-

a) samples of their latest face products e.g primer, liquid foundation & powder besides sachets.
b) Travel size mascara
c) Anna Sui lomo camera!!!

I think all the above are definitely worth more than RM 80!!

P/S: Special thanks to Miu for allowing me to use the pics from her blog to use as mine!! hahaha... thanks miu!!

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