Hubby's New Toy aka New GF!!!!

If you are planning to shop for a new camera, what are those questions pop up in your mind? Brands? Panasonic, Sony, Olympus, Canon, Nikon and many more.... Function? Reliability? Trendy? Design? Price? Next thing you might ask yourself, what type of camera do you want? DSLR? Point & Shot? or the latest GF1 or Pen???

All these questions was bothering hubby & myself since early March when we planning to get a new camera for ourselves! We were having so much hard time to decide what should we go for, point & shot? Canon S90 or G11? or even a basic DSLR?? As we are having limit budget on camera, that's why need to play within the limit and maximize it to get the best camera with our budget!

Where do we start? Of course we start at the upgraded version of point & shot which is Canon S90, reason being was it's handy and quite reasonable price. Then we moved on to Canon G11 where it's cool as it comes with DSLR like function where we can adjust the lens when shooting.

So coincident when we shopped for camera that time, Canon & Nikon was having promotion on their DSLR camera where for Canon you can get a basic DSLR camera with an extremely affordable price. Hmm.. we were tempted! Then my dad stopped us, saying that DSLR is too bulky to carry around and eventually it might become burden for us when we need to carry DSLR camera to do shopping! Why not try to carry 1 out when we go shopping then decide whether we want to go for DSLR type of camera!

Then we happily borrowed one of my dad's collection of DSLR back home! Happily carry it out for shopping on the next few days! Day 1, it was quite excited and fun as though we are using the DSLR and looks like professional photographer! Day 2 & 3, I personally started to feel it as a burden especially when I need to do shopping and carrying it on my shoulder/neck, then I decided to keep it inside my handbag, well it doesn't help much as it's heavy! Aaarrgghhh... then we decided DSLR probably not so suitable for our lifestyle!

We continued with out camera shopping, browsing online to check out what's the latest trend, reviews & so on!! We found Olympus PEN EP-L1 & Panasonic Lumix GF1!! Both are smaller & lighter type of DSLR liked function camera! Hmm... most importantly, this must be expensive, we both think! In fact after checked the price, we both went home sadly! Because it was so EXPENSIVE!!!!

Thought of giving up on buying camera and save it for later... we found that purchasing a Panasonic Lumix GF1 in Japan cost much cheaper compared to Malaysia! However, the only constraint is that they only available in Japanese language as it is meant for Japan market ONLY!!!

In conjunction of my Japan business trip, we finally decided to go for Panasonic Lumix GF1 and buy it from Japan!!! Good news is, they are currently having promotion, if you purchase Lumix G1 & GF1, you will get rebate for 5000 yen and if you are buying G2 & GH1, you will get 10,000yen rebate!! The camera itself already cheaper than KL and with this further promotion, we save even more!!! Muahahaha... so happy!!

okok... let me show you my package! I had chose the Lumix GF1 Pancake lens in RED color! The package comes with GF1 body, 20mm pancake lens, Lumix GF1 strap, battery, charger, lens bag & other cables. Then the same time, I also bought another lens of 14-45mm kit lens which will arrive next week.

After I got the camera, too excited and forgot to snap picture before opening the box.. hahaha... anyway, I went to Yodobashi to get the UV filter for pancake lens - 46mm (which we tried to search in KL, but most of the shop told us 46mm is irregular diameter, only unfamous manufacturer have it! Anyway, Kenko is like bro of Hoya, so I guess the quality should be good as well!), a screen protector & saw this cute Hello Kitty camera screen cloth, so I get it since I also need one! What is missing now?? A nice Camera Bag! That will have to wait till we found something we really like!!

Guessing how much I spent for this camera in total? Try to guess the price, don't be surprise that the price I am paying will definitely shock you!! ^_*

Business trip to Japan ~ Haul 1

Hello again from Japan...

It was quite some time since I last posted something. Pretty busy & lazy on blog posting due to busy work life which had strained all my energy. Furthermore, was pretty busy to arrange for my trip and preparing all the materials for meeting customers in Japan!

Anyway here I am in Osaka today! The weather make me felt so lazy to go out, as it's raining season now, basically raining from morning till night! That's why stay in the room and start doing some post!

Of course, beside the busy working hour, traveling had almost killed me on the last week. All the meeting place was so far away from Tokyo and some even need about 4 hrs by shinkansen + local train! There was one incident that when we taking the train in the evening rush hour at suburban area, the train was delayed for more than 1.5hrs. Later my customer told me it was because there was some accident happen between station. The next morning we found out it was someone suicide on the track. Probably due to hectic life in Japan that stress them out!

Well well... cut the crap, here of course I want to share a little haul from Osaka! Arrgghh, I know, but I only have time yesterday to do my shopping therapy!In fact this time, I do not have much things to buy, as the last time I came was just not long ago. But I did need to restock something.

However, for the past few months, I read about reviews on a special steam cream in Japan! The steam cream was not those we use before we go for steam bath! Muahaha... I thought that too in the beginning and later found out it is actually a body moisturizer/lotion. Without much further, here's the little shopping therapy I did in Osaka yesterday!

E-Mook FOC Clover Camera

Greeting from Japan!!!

First day when I arrived in Tokyo, I noticed this new e-mook which was giving out Clover Camera as free gift, but didn't have time to stopby and browsing the contents. Yesterday was the first free day for me to shop around when I arrived in Osaka. Thus, first thing after breakfast, I head over to Kinokuniya @ Uemeda!

Here I grab a copy for myself! The little white camera reminded me of my childhood when we have this dummy camera and now we all using the digital camera with more automatic function.. haha... enjoy!!


Just for sharing....


太太 在二十五歲時問丈夫,
丈夫 沮喪的回答她 :
我 錯過一個新的工作機會。

丈夫 生氣的告訴她 :
我剛 錯過了一班公车。

丈夫 傷心的說 :
我 錯過與親人見最後一面。

丈夫 失望的回答 :
我 錯過了退休的好時機。

丈夫 匆匆的答說 :
我 錯過了看牙醫的時間。
太太總是回以 微笑,
而 微笑中總帶著落寞。

太太不再問先生了 ,
此時, 先生正跪坐在病危的 太太面前,
想起 太太每隔一段時間,
總要問他的問題,他反過來問太太 ,
而 太太的 微笑中帶著解脫回答:
這一生,我 沒有錯過你!

此時, 先生早已淚流滿面,
先生 緊抱著太太 說:
這輩子,我 錯過妳五十年來的 深情?
不惜 出賣自己的 時間與 身體,
以至於 錯過了 陪同孩子成長的機會、
忽略 了身旁關心 自己的親友、輕忽 了自己的身体。
沒有人知道 明年今日會怎麼?
用行動 關心你的家人,把 每一天都當成 人生的最后一段,
即使走了,也能讓 自己及 身旁的人了 無遺憾。

Beautiful Earth by Estee Lauder

Hi there, protecting our earth by using less plastic bags! Many brands out there had did their part in protecting our earth by reducing the usage of one time plastic bags & paper bags instead replacing it with recycle or reusable bags!

Here's a little promo from Estee Lauder!

June Promotion @ Kampachi

Hi there, good news for food hunter! We all know that FIFA world cup is around the corner and Kampachi at Pavillion KL is ready to celebrate this special event with us!!

Japan Wins, You Win!!

14th June (Mon) Japan vs. Cameroon 10pm Kick Off
19th June (Sat) Japan vs. Holland 7.30pm Kick Off

Have dinner at the Kampachi before each of these games and you stand a chance to have your dinner for FREE if Japan wins!!
If the game ends in a draw, you get 50% off your food bill.

Kampachi at Pavilion has just installed a big screen so games can be watched in the restaurant. For the Kampachi at Hotel Equatorial KL, you are invited to watch at Flo Lobby Lounge after the meal. Please support Japan together with us and if Japan wins, you win too!

Call now to find out more on the promotion or to make your reservations!
Please visit for more information and the terms and conditions that apply.

Let's cheer Japan!!

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