Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sale 14/8/10

Estee Lauder Companies Staff sale is back!! A sale that REAL shopaholic will not want to miss!! In order to be the first in line, you must obtained the invitation card!! This will be my first time to this sale which I had been looking forward since I read about the miu's blog on her last year haul!

Here's the information about the sale:-

Estee Lauder Companies Staff SALE

Venue: The Grand Ballroom, Renaissance Hotel KL
Date: 14th August 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 8am ~ 3pm (While Stock Last)

Brands offers:-
Estee Lauder
Tommy Hilfiger
Donna Karen NY
Bobbi Brown

a) Cash / Visa / Master
b) As usual, bags, handbags and pouches are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED!!
c) Items sold during staff sale CANNOT BE RETURNED NOR EXCHANGED at counter.
d) All purchases are limited to 3 units per item per person and not exceeding RM 2000.
e) Invitation card will be collected upon admission.
f) All customers are required to cash out at the cashier's area ASAP.
g) Most importantly - This invitation card is given out FREE OF CHARGED only and NOT FOR SALE!!!!

Quickly get your invitation now before it's too late!! I had got mine yesterday!! Hooray!!

Air Asia Early Bird Sale

Hey girls! Air Asia is having their sale again! I checked the deal, it's pretty attractive!! So wait no more and grab the ticket to enjoy lower fares!!! Hopefully tickets will still available tonight when I book my tickets, as the deal is too good, cannot decide where we want to go!! Hahaha...

June 2010 - Japan Final Haul

Been waiting for this final haul from Japan? In fact this trip I do not haul as much as the previous trip... as I might be going to Japan again year end, that's why only buy whatever is needed for this few months supply and also helping friends to haul.

Needless to talk much... here is my total haul from Japan. Whoever ask me to haul and have yet to get your things, please check it out whether you see what you want here... otherwise, just wait for my next trip!

Essie & Nubar Nail Product Anniversary Sale

Hey gals, I was supposed to post this on last weekend, but was slightly busy foya-ing until quite late with Tammy & Wing on Saturday after the Jurlique workshop... Anyway, Joey & Tammy did told me about this sale last week when I came back from Japan, so coincident I was free on Saturday morning, that's why I dropped by the place and have a look.

The sale is still on until this coming Saturday! So drop by the place before the sale is off!

Essie is one of my favorite brand as I love the quality of the brush & nail polish! If you have tried it before, you might find the different with other brands.

Before I went to the sale, I did heard that some of their products already sold out, especially Nailtek value pack, I was quite sad at once, as I am looking for Nailtek treatment pack! Anyway, I didn't regret to go on last Saturday, at least I had grabbed what I wanted!!

According to the owner, most of the items are still available such as Nailtek Value Pack, however, there are still some items which they are really out of stock! Those are Essie Diamond Edition and several essie nail products (in fact I don't remember what exactly is the items that will not be replenish except for Diamond Edition).

Here's my little haul.

1. Nailtek Perfect Pedicure At Home - RM 99
2. Nailtek Transition Go From Artificial to Natural - RM 99
3. Nailtek Value Pack - RM 99
4. Essie Diamond Nail Polish - RM 33
5. Nubar Nail Polish - RM 28 each
6. Cuticle Cutter - RM 40 each (60% Discount)
7. 4-ways Buffer - RM 3
8. Nailtek Top Coat - Buy 1 Free 1 - RM 38

Lucky or Unlucky Day or BAD DAY!!?????

Today definitely not a lucky day for me.... as my precious car was being hit by a neighbour who stayed in a different condo block....

Well, for me, today is another 1 fine day indeed, went to work in morning as usual... having monday blue as usual, rushing for monday report as usual too.... everything happen after lunch where unusually things happened!

I received a call from hubby about 2.30pm, telling me that my MIL had called him and told him someone had hit my car at home and trying to escape from the crime scene! Lucky me as the guards who sitting at the guard house saw the incident! My car actually park very near to the guard house. The guard who witness the crime/accident had quickly snap picture of the car who hitted mine and report to their management office. At the same time they sent someone to my MIL's house to inform her that someone hit my car!!

I was so upset and felt so angry about it! As I thought my car will be safe at home.... who knows there is still accident happen!!! After I talked to my MIL, I really felt like going home to check out how is my car now.... however, managed to spoke with the management office and they told me my car was badly injured at the rear side, bumper fell down and the car position was moved! Lucky me, as the management office found me the phone number of the guy who hit my car.

When I called that guy and asked him how all this happened, he just tell me that he actually dropped something and trying to pick it up from the floor, when he trying to get back up, he accidently pressed the accelerator and the steering gone wild and hit my car!! OMG!!!!! I was really pissed, what a lame reason he gave me..... Then I asked if my car was badly hit?? Guess what he told me?? He said... no la... your car is just minor case, my own car was in bad shape! My front left side & door was badly hit!!!

Kns... when I reached home, I almost fainted when saw my car in this shape & position!!! Gosh!! After so many years, this is the first time my car injured so badly!!!!!

Anyway, there is nothing I can do nor I can changed what had already happen!

Here's how my car look like now... anyway, that malay guy told me he will be responsible and he will pay for the repair for my car... so I will send my car to ICU and hopefully when it return back to me.. it will be in it original parts & shape....

Can u see that the car position was actually moved? The current position of the car is in between of 2 parking lots!!
Rear bumper was fell down and hanging half on the car & another half on the floor!

To be more precise... exhaust pipe was broken too!!

Front skirting was being forced to hit the little rock divider and the skirting fell down too!!

Rear Lamp was broken too!!

This is the car that hit my Wira!!

Is this serious?? Pls tell me what you think????

Please tell me what you think??? Whose car is badly injured???

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