Princess Kitty Room

Had just arrived at Osaka today! When I took the limousine bus from Kansai airport to Osaka city, I saw the advertisement by The New Hankyu Hotel is offering this special room from 13 February 2013, limited to 2 rooms per day with ¥12,000 per pax for 2 pax per room!!

Looking at the picture of the advertisement, the room looks awesome for Hello Kitty lovers!! As it's all decorated by Hello Kitty!!

If you guys ever have chance to come to Osaka during that season, you might want to consider to book it and experience the PrincessKitty room!

Doraemon Touch N Go

Hi hi... Does any of you aware that Doraemon is collaborating with Touch N Go to launch the Doraemon 100 Years anniversary TNG and been selling in BHP like hot cake!

There are 2 different designs of Touch N Go in the collection!

a) The normal Touch N Go which cost RM 15 per card. This Touch N Go design is very cute as it seem like Doraemon is flying in the sky and there is the slogan of Doraemon World 2012.

b) As of the second design, it include a Doraemon toy with Touch N Go card, this one will cost RM 39.90/set. Of course the card design is different from the previous card. I like this card as well, as the design of the card is Doraemon is riding his time traveling machine. The slogan for this card is ''It's a Doraemon World!!!

In fact, I had been searching high and low for this Limited Edition Touch N Go, but for the past 3 weeks, almost all BHP told us it's sold out!!

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