Holiday in Macau with my Lovely Hubby!

Hey gals, just a short note here today as I am heading to LCCT soon to catch the morning flight to Macau for holiday with my lovely hubby!! This is our first trip to Macau and it's a anniversary pressie from my hubby as 2nd of Feb is our anniversary for ROM!

I am so happy to have this trip arranged and we can spend our anniversary in Macau! This will be a relaxing yet adventurous trip, therefore I will not bring my notebook (my energy saver!) with me to Macau! Thus only able to update info after I come back home!

Haha... too happy now! More than words can say now!!

Will keep you all update on more photos when I am back on next week!

New Year Kick off!!

Hey gals! It's really been a while since I last updated my status, what am I currently busy with? How am I doing? Did I do any shopping lately? What's the great haul? When is my next trip and destination? Well well well... frankly, I had been so busy lately with my work! What a new year to start with! Usually I am really busy in the beginning of the year! Especially this year, since we are really short handed in the office and basically everyone need to pick up a few extra task to do!

Firstly, I am busy with works, especially right now we are preparing for the biggest event of the year for my company! Exhibition + Partner's Nite!!! This is one and only biggest yearly events where most of the suppliers & customers from domestic & overseas visiting us in exhibition and join us in our Partner's Nite!

Secondly, another biggest event for all of us... the Chinese New Year!!! I believed everyone of us are busy preparing ourselves for Chinese New Year! Busy shopping, house keeping, throwing out all old and un-used stuffs, decorating our house, going to hair saloon to have a new hair style or dye hair and preparing hampers for family's member!

Thirdly, my first trip for 2010 with my lovely hubby to Macau!!! Haha... Macau, here we come!! We are going to Macau on next weekend to celebrate our anniversary! I am so happy! It's been so fast, it's almost 8 years since we registered and legally pronounce husband & wife! I am looking forward for this lovely trip to spend time with my hubby!

All the above had been keeping me busy until I do not have much time to update my blog!

Today I had been out all day! Went to hair saloon to straighten my hair and make appointment on next week to dye my hair before I depart to Macau! It took about 4.5 hours for me to straighten my hair and sat in the saloon! I was so sleepy! After I done my hair, I went straight to KLCC to meet my sis to collect my new curtain and also collected my Loccitane's membership card in Isetan KLCC!

After done all the collection, thought I wanted to head straight home as hubby waiting for me for dinner! But when I saw a lot of people carrying Mark & Spencers plastic bag with "SALE" printed on it, I know I cannot escape from it and must push myself go into the shop to see if I am able to grab something! I know I know... I promised not to spend! But, it's CNY!!! I wanted to buy new clothes!!! haha... another lame reason to shop! Of course, I didn't come out empty handed! I bought a cute top, 3/4 length pants & panties! Will blog about it separately!

When I done with my shopping in M&S, I quickly rushed home to have dinner with hubby! We went to Kuchai Lama to have Dry Bak Kut Teh! I love the dry bak kut teh there, it's really good!! After dinner we went home! First thing I do is to change the curtain in my living hall! But I am really really tired! Will continue to change the curtain in my room on tomorrow!

After all the curtain changed, I will need to start tidy my guest room! Because I will have a very important guest coming over to stay with me for few days!! Since I will be away for 4 days from this weekend, thus, I must make sure everything is in order before the arrival of the special guest, as she will be arriving KL on the same day I come home from Macau! Welcome my dear!!!

Okok... will stop here, as I need to take my shower now and go to sleep! What a tired day!!! C ya gals tomorrow!!!

Sweet Mag - Feb 2010

Got the latest Sweet Mag for February 2010 issue last 2 weeks, but had delayed till today only blog about it!

I had booked this mag since early Dec and finally was here on 9th Jan 10. I love Cher bag! The original Cher bag is selling very expensive in Japan!

This issue of Sweet come with a Cher Large tote & a name tag! Although it's just a simple tote, but believe me, it's quite large and can store a lot of things! Good to use as shopping bag!

Starbucks Keychain

There was 1 sunny afternoon and both myself & hubby went over to CapSquare (where I worked!) to hang out! When we were shopping around CapSquare, I found this cute tiger keychain in Starbucks outlet!

Went in to check out how can I obtain 1 of this cute keychain! It says with purchased of Venti Honey Orange beverages and pay for RM 6.50 to get the exclusive Year of Tiger keychain!

Since both of us were so free, so I suggested to hubby that we could hang out in Starbucks for a coffee and think of the next destination to go! So we ordered the Venti Honey Orange ice blended and pay for RM 6.50 for the keychain! *Evil smile* my main purpose is only to get the Exclusive Year of Tiger Keychain!! Kakaka...

I saw this biscuit cans nearby the cashier. They are selling RM 14.80/can. Should try it out!

The Exclusive Year of Tiger Keychain by Starbucks Coffee! Go grab it before it sold out!!

Prize won from Faces Mag

Hi gals! It's been a while since my last post! So sorry babes, really busy with works recently and it's nearby CNY!

Anyway, Tiger year is a lucky year for me! muahaha! Cuz I had received email notification from Faces Mag informed me that I had won the Etude House X'mas Set worth RM 120 from Dec 09 issue!

Here's the pretty box of Etude House! The prize consists:-
a) 2pc of Sheet Masks
b) 1 set of Travel size Moistfull range skin care
c) 1 tube of BB Cream
d) 1 blusher / high-lighter (got to check out what is this)

Miu's Blog Birthday Giveaway 2: Win A Kiehl's Grapefruit Prize!

Good news to Miu's fan!!! Meow meow Miu is doing her Birthday giveaway 2, which the winner will have a chance to win the Kiehl's Grapefruit Body care travel set!! I guess this giveaway is in conjunction of the Kiehl's Party and she is taking the golden opportunity to thanks all her beloved readers by giving out the giveaway 2!!

Kiehl's lover like me will definitely grab the chance to win all the Kiehl's products!! Muahaha... *evil smile*

The rules for the giveaway 2 is as simple as 1-2-3!!! Simply start with blogging the Super Birthday party & Spread the words to the world and you will be standing a chance to win the Kiehl's Grapefruit body care set!

Terms & Condition of this Giveaway:

1. Open to Malaysian Mailing Address.
2. Open to Plusizekitten Follower's.
3. Start today & end on 17/1/10 11.59pm.
4. Only 1 winner will be picked.
5. Only complete entries will be entertained.

To Enter please submit the following form:

follower id:
blog post link:

*important note: If you want to join this contest you have to leave an entry here. The Party Invite Contest is a separate contest. Miu will be checking the comments in here to select winner (not the party post). You can leave the same blog link post but must mention Miu's Kiehl's Super Birthday Party news & details :)

Miu's Kiehl's Super Fans Birthday Party!

Great news for Miu's followers, Kiehl's is throwing a super berry birthday party for Miu on this coming Friday (15th Jan 2010), in conjunction of the launching of their Organic, Damage-Repairing Acai-Berry skincare range in this birthday party!

Exclusive limited invites will be giving out to 20 followers of Miu, come quick to grab your invite! The details of the party are as follow:-

Date: 15th Jan 2010 (Friday)
Time: 6pm ~ 8pm
Venue: Kiehl's One Utama

Next, of course is the most exciting and important part of grabbing the invites. First of all, you must be the Super Fans!

Here's how you can be the Super Fans!

Plusizekitten Followers must use to come up with a comic STRIP (not a frame). Those who blog must post it on their site and those who don’t, must email the permalink to the strip. The best 20 comic strips picked by Miu and Kiehl's will be selected for the party. Dateline 13/1/10 2pm. Results out 13/1/10 night.

Step by step of how you can create your own comic strip:-

  1. go to
  2. click get started now!
  3. click create strip
  4. a how to window pops out! (teachin u how to do it)
  5. there's 3 background comic strip to choose from
  6. just add TEXT into the bubble box
  7. you can change colors of your character's hair/skin/eyes etc
  8. save the comic strip to your desktop & email/blog about it
  9. you can also have fun sharing it on facebook/twitter!

What's more? For the lucky 20 super fans invited! you can SAVE THE EARTH WITH KIEHL'S by recycling the used bottles! For every 3 Kiehl's bottles returned u will receive a deluxe free! (hey saving earth and getting Kiehls's at the same time? tell me that's not super good news!).

Terms & Condition of the Super Fan's Contest:-
- your follower ID:
- your e-mail:
- your blog link to comic strip

1. Create a comic strip from and blog about it.
2. If you don't have a blog, you can e-mail your comic strip to
3. Contest starts 9/1/10 & ends 13/1/10 2.00pm. Results will be out on 13/1/10 night.
4. The best 20 comic strips will be invited to attend this party by e-mail.
5. Come with a mask or costume. The best dressed superhero costume will win a PRIZE!

Here's my comic strip!

*Comic Strip entries will be judge by Kiehl's & Miu on 13/1/10. Winners will be contacted by e-mail on 13/1/10. Please look out for the results day on 13/1/10 night!~ GOOD LUCK!!!

*Thanks to Kiehl's for organizing such event for Miu!

Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary Limited Edition Camera

Source from: engadget

Are you a Hello Kitty fans? I used to be a crazy fan of Hello Kitty but as there are too many imitation around in the market, that's why I turn away! But when saw this adorable Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Camera, I started to fall in love with it!

Sadly to say, it's only available in Korea! Let's see the spec of the camera:-

This limited edition, Korea-only Casio EX-Z90 boasts all the same features as the regular one -- 12.1 mega pixel, 3X optical zoom, auto-detect and "Intelligent" auto focus.

The biggest selling point for this limited edition camera is the blinged up branding, and that's why we assume that makes it worth the KRW 350,000 (around RM 1,033) price tag.

Camera pouch also bling bling!
The camera come with this cute pouch??
What a cute HP Strap!!
Source from: engadget


Chocolate lovers, you are invited to visit Malaysia 1st Chocolate Fair 2010 in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

Date: 8 ~ 10 January 2010
Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
Time: 11.00am to 9.00pm daily.

Lots and lots of chocolates to be won! Delicious sampling of both local and imported chocolates.

You will find chocolates from Russia , Switzerland , Australia , Germany , Austria , Iran , Belgium , US and of course, Malaysia . Activities includes chocolate making demonstrations by renowned French chef, quizzes, chocolate appreciation open to ALL VISITORS.


Small Haul from Kinokuniya Singapore

Shopping in Kinokuniya Takashimaya became one of my routine for Sg trip! Purpose is to hunt for new mag (as usually the new arrival is earlier compared to Kino KLCC)!

But this time, I only saw InRed Jan issue which I had yet to buy from Kino KLCC and it's the last piece! I grabbed it with me first and got Wing to help to call Kino KLCC to confirm if I had reserved it or not, because if you reserve Japanese mag from Kino KLCC, they will not allowed you to cancel your reservation! Fortunately, Wing text me back and confirmed no reservation for this mag under my name!

InRed Jan 2010 issue!
Freebie: Aquagirl multicase + Hello Kitty Calender
The multi case can use as passport holder or travel case to keep all the important documents!
Hello Kitty 2010 Calender!

When I was still shopping around the Japanese & Taiwanese mag department, my mom came over and told me there are many cute angpao at the stationery department! I quickly rushed over to see what's they have!

Wow... it's all Disney character angpao!!! Angpao angpao! Meaning CNY is near! Love it and hate it! Muahahaha!! As usual!!! After all I think I would say I love it more, as all the CNY deco is so lovely!!

Angpao Angpao!

My haul from Kino!
InRed Mag, Angpao, Key cover, cutie stationery set for Marina's Daughter!
Lesportsac case is not from Kino, but just snap pic together! hahaha!

Precious Moment ~ Small Haul from Singapore

Hahaha... As usual, I will never missed any Precious Moment haul on my Sg trip! It's a ritual for me to go to my fav store to hunt for something new!

The main purpose of my trip to PM is to collect my membership's figurine & freegift ~ the blue soup mug with spoon! When I was there, I saw on the display shelf where they also have pink color soup mug with spoon, hehe... without hesitation, I also grabbed the pink soup mug for payment.

As CNY is approaching, PM had just launched the canister which came in 2 designs/colors ~ Pink & Purple. Of course I will usually grab both colors, since CNY is just at the corner, I can use it to keep some candies or cookies!

Beside, I also bought spoon, folk & knife set, couple chopsticks & shower curtain! It's time for gotong royong for CNY and I will changed my shower curtain to PM shower curtain! ^_^

Total haul & figurine collected
Folks, spoon & knife set
Kimmi Junior Keychain!
Lovely! I saw my cousin sis buying the Kiki (last piece)!
That's why I also bought a few!
Lovely soup mug with spoon! Pink color for me!
S$ 14.90 (U.P: S$ 19.90)
Lovely soup mug with spoon! Blue color for hubby!
(Free gift for early bird to join PM membership!)
Canister for CNY

Malaysia Limited Edition Haagen-Dazs Recipe Book 2010

Calling all Haagen-Dazs lovers, it's chance for you to own a Limited Edition of Haagen-Dazs Progress Recipe Book now! Just simply purchase a 5-pc Gateau Gift Set or if you would prefer to do your bit for Charity by paying RM 15 for the book, the fund will be donated to the WAO (Women's Aid Organization)!

Grab it now! I have yet to check out the promo, will check it out this weekend when I go shopping!







怕皮鬆肉垂?妳沒做臉做spa 嗎?怕年齡大?


這個工作沒有前景,不是你的興趣,不如早早歸去;這個男人曾經傷害妳,食之無味,那就趕快丟棄---沒有什麼男人是會棄之可惜的--- 只有妳放棄了自己對感情的堅持,那才遺憾。





Gusttimo Ice-Cream @ ION Orchard

Luxury indulgence! haha...! I saw Gusttimo Ice-cream shop when I was in ION Orchard. I saw long Q and wonder if it's nice! As the price is not cheap for ice-cream! Well, probably not so expensive, but converted to RM, I personally think it's quite pricey!

Here's the name card of the shop!

I bought 4 scopes of ice-cream, they scope each of the flavor I choose and put it into a cup and top with a cone! I choose Mint, Mango, Green Apple & Wine! After trying, I think Wine & Mint are nice! Green Apple a bit sour & Mango is too sweet!!

MUST TRY!!! They had whole lot more of other flavor to choose from!

Little Haul in Loccitane Singapore

Hmm... forgot since when I fall in love in Loccitane's products! Thanks to Eugina & Marina for the Loccitane X'mas pressie! I love them so much!

As I do not have enough time to shop this time, only able to steal some time when my bro & sis did their shopping in DFS Singapore! The Loccitane counter in DFS Singapore only selling limited items, according to the SA, it's because the counter is too small and unable to carry whole range. But they did have some limited edition items which you can rarely found in other shops.

Here's my little haul from Loccitane!
a) Limited Edition Almost Mist Concentration (For Miu) ~ S$ 59
b) Rose Mist (Twin pack) ~ S$ 45 (U.P: S$ 39/bottle)
c) Verbena Cooling Hand cream ~ S$ 31
d) Citrus Verbena Mist ~ S$ 28
e) Limited Edition Candid Rose Starter set ~ S$ 31
f) GWP: 1 set of mini size skin care

Total Haul from Loccitane!
Limited Edition Almost Mist Concentration
Rose Mist Twin Pack
Cooling Hand Cream
Limited Edition Candid Rose Starter Pack
Citrus Verbena Mist for Face & Body
GWP for S$ 180 above

Rochor Original Beancurd

My bro told me when we reached Sg that he will takes me to a place where they sell beancurd after our retail therapy. I thought it will be something like probably around 9pm or 10pm. So I didn't ask much about it!

We shopped until about 11pm only went back to my aunt's place in Toa Payoh! After took my shower and started to snap photos of my haul on day 1 in Sg, my bro asked if I am ready? Of course I will asked him why? where he wanna go?? He said go eat Tau fu fah!! That was about 12.15am in the morning!!!!!

We drove from Toa Payoh and heading to Orchard Road by car! Gosh!!! I cannot believed that it's still so crowded in Orchard Road about 1am!

haha... okok... where is the Tau fu fah shop?? It's nearby Plaza Singapore!! It's at one of the street, it's quite secluded! We also make few round to find the shop! When we found the shop, it was quite surprised to me as the Q was so LONGGGGGGGG!!! I mean real Long!!!! The cars were parking along the street outside the shop! Photo will become evidence of the above statement!

Shop selling Tau Fu Fah in the night!
Customers Q-ing to wait for their turn to order the Tau Fu Fah!!
The seating outside the shop, along the side street, behind the shop & upstair of the shop!
Our food & drinks

I ordered 5 Tau Fu Fah + 2 Soya Beans Drinks + 4 Yao Zha Guai + Ham Zim Peng. Total S$ 9.50.

Tau Fu Fah: Nice, a bit sweet
Soya Bean Drink: normal!
Yao Zha Guai: Crispy

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