Cher E-Mook ~ 15th Anniversary Box!!

Cher had published the 15th Anniversary Box early Feb! The mook came with 1 small tote & cosmetics case! It's very nice!

My new Toy!!!

Haha... recently I am really crazy about nail polish! It had became my toy! Had been shopping and adding my collection since Dec '10!! From few bottles of nail polish became a box of nail polishes & accessories! If you notice, I had also started NOTD post since Nov/Dec 09!!!

I love my new toy so much! Whenever I had time, I will start doing my nail, although I am still in learning stage and wish to learn more! Thanks to sister, SIL, cousin sis, aunts & friends who "borrow" me their precious nail to practice!! Muahahaha..... Also big thanks to Joey who taught me how to apply & deco my nails!

Etude house was having discount on nail stickers since Jan '10, most of the nail sticker & nail polish are on 50% discount! So I had grabbed almost all designs of nail stickers, sadly unable to grab any nail polish as I do not like the colors that are on sale!

Since then, I started to hunt on the nail polish, rhine stone & accessories!

Last week, I had just checked with Joey where can I get swarovski crystal and she asked me to check out at naga nail or sg. wang! Sg. Wang?? Wow... it's been quite some time since I last visited there! Probably have to check it out one of this day!

Anyway, last Wednesday I went to Smokehouse, Bangsar for dinner with hubby and dropped by The Gardens for ice-cream. We passed by Make Up Store, I noticed they are having 40% discount storewide until 28th Feb '10! So, I went in to check out their nail polish! Gosh, I saw that they are selling swarovki crystal as well! All 40% discount! So I had grabbed few colors as I am thinking to use it to decorate the polaroid camera hubby bought for me for x'mas!!

Starbucks Sakura Collection in Malaysia!!

After blogged about the Starbucks Sakura collection in Japan, I had emailed my customer who are coming to KL on this Friday to ask him to get me those Sakura collection tumblers. I was so happy after he promised will get me those tumblers!

Then when I went for Premier of The Book of Eli @ The Curve with hubby on Monday evening, after collected the movie tickets, we walked over to Daiso and passed by Starbucks, hubby and I went into Starbucks to check if there is any Sakura Collection selling there! Guess what? We saw the Sakura Water Bottle selling there!! Hehe... Definitely I will grab one home!!

Again, yesterday during lunch time, I checked out the Starbucks @ Cap Square and found the Cherry Blossom Tumbler! It's the last piece! Here's the tumbler & water bottle that I got!!

Price for Water Bottle ~ RM 52 (535ml)
Price for Tumbler ~ RM 38 (350ml)

Isn't it lovely? I love this collection so much! Will put in more photos after I received the Japan Exclusive tumbler!!

Starbucks Japan Exclusive ~ Sakura Collection

Starbucks Japan had launched the Sakura Collection since the Cherry Blossom Season is around the corner! This time around, they had launched the lovely pink sakura collection in few different products:-
a) Beverage: Sakura Cream Frappucino
b) Food: Sakura Chiffon Cake, Steam Bun
c) Products: Sakura-print tumblers and mugs

I am pretty sure this will be their Japan ONLY Exclusive!!!

Tumbler (240ml) ~ 1,300 yen
Tumbler (350ml) ~ 1,400 yen
Tumbler (350ml) ~ 3,100 yen
Mug (290ml) ~ 1,200 yen
Water Bottle (532ml) ~ 1,900 yen
Teddy Bear ~ 2,000 yen
Sakura Steam bun
Sakura Meringue
Sakura Biscuit
Sakura Chiffon Cake

L'Officiel Singapore

Read about the L'Officiel Singapore Mag is giving out Ed. Pinaud (Parisian Cosmetics) Eyeshadow Quad Pallette worth S$ 59 each for March 2010 issue from Rouge Deluxe. L'Officiel Singapore is selling @ S$ 6.90/copy, all you need to do is subscribe/Pre-order it from L'Official now! They only send it to Singapore address, thus you need to have a Singapore address for them to send the mag and freebie over.

It comes in 6 desirable shade to choose from ~ Violet Concerto, Hazelnut Chocolate, Smoky Emerald, Chocolate Plum, Mocha Latte & Blue Black Collection.

I think this is pretty good deal! For the price of S$ 6.90 (inclusive of postage) per copy, you received the freebie worth S$ 59! Hmm... who will missed this great deal?!!

Of course I will not! I already pre-ordered 2 copies and choose Chocolate Plum & Smoky Emerald! Now, I will sit back and wait for the delivery!!! Hahaha... hopefully can arrive within this week, so that I can pick it up when I go over to Singapore on this weekend!

Since they only deliver to Singapore address, thus, for those who has a Singapore address to delivery, quickly logon to L'Officiel to subscribe your copy!!

Steady March 2010

Steady Mag for March 2010 issue had already released week before CNY! This is the issue that I had been waiting for, as they are giving out Agnes B small tote with a keychain! I went over to collect my copies of Steady on last Saturday! haha... Can't wait to own the very lovely Agnes B bag!

I guess this is a good news for Agnes B's lover who had missed the Sept 2009 issue of Steady Mag which was giving out Agnes B Black small tote (exactly the same as this but in black color)!

As for me, I will definitely not missing this chance again! I am currently so in love with Agnes B bag!! That's why I got to add it into my collection. I choose the air-shipment which cost me RM 41.40 per issue.

Kanebo Milano Collection 2010

Kanebo had launched the Milano Collection recently! Found out about this when I went shopping in Mid Valley after had my lunch with hubby (he already start worked yesterday!)

I was shopping around Jusco and bump into Kanebo counter and saw the Gold Packaging box placed nicely in the counter! When I was looking and try to figure out what is that, the SA approached me and told me it is a limited edition loose powder. She showed me the picture of the content. She told me there is real sample to show me!

It is lovely!! it featuring motifs of Angles & Roses!! So, quickly when I reached home, I tried to google to see if I am able to get more information about it! Haha... in fact, most of the beauty bloggers had already blogged about it some time back! Hmm... I am kinda outdated! Anyway, it doesn't matter!!! :P

The SA told me, this is a yearly Limited Edition which Kanebo will launch for the Milano Collection since 1991. The Milano Collection will feature different packaging & design each year! The superb design & quality of the product itself had attracted many customers to buy as a collection.

Kanebo FACE POWDER for Milano Collection 2010 has the formulation of UV block (SPF14 PA++) to enable use throughout the year. Besides it also contains Royal Jelly Extract and Rose Extract.

It comes with in a set with Kyoto Nishijin Puff, the soft pliant threads glide over the skin with full soft sensations, leaving a fine, delicate finish.

It's limited edition with 500pc selling in Malaysia. Each cost RM 228.

Day Trip to HK via Macau!!

Hong Kong!!! I guess most of us love Hong Kong! Shopping Heaven for Gals!! But I am a bit sad as I do not have enough time to explore the places I wanted to go! Just a very short day trip for this time! Will make sure hubby bring me back again! Kakaka... perhaps a pure shopping trip will do!

This is Day 2 of our Macau trip! We decided day before departure to Macau that we are going to HK! When we arrived at Macau, of course, most important thing is to make sure there is ticket available for Macau - HK, so we headed straight to the ticket counter in the Hotel and bought 4 tickets to HK on the next day.

Here's the ticket! hehe...!!! Proof of going to HK!!

I thought it would be a sunny day! However, when we arrived at the ferry terminal, I heard the announcement made which telling the passengers that all ferry to HK will be delay for 3o mins due to bad weather! I was like... what?? Bad weather?? Well well... actual fact, the visible level on the sea is really low! No choice... got to wait for another 30 mins! I was waiting patiently!

Finally, we heard another announcement saying that it's now ready for boarding! Quickly we prepare to go on board!!

Visible level was very low!
Hubby & Me inside the ferry/turbo Jet!

After an hour journey on the sea, we finally arrived at Hong Kong! Came out from the terminal, we were looking for train station! Looking high & low, and found the Sheung Wan Station outside the terminal!
We headed to the help desk and asked for the tourist day pass which cost us HKD55/pax for unlimited restricted ride in HK.
First we went to Central (中环), as there are a lot of branded shops, business districts & tourists, I guess! As we came out from the station and turned to our right, we saw the HUGE LV shop just opposite of us!! Wah!! Really HUGE!!!! Walked further, I saw my favorite store, Marks & Spencers and others!!
CNY deco in the Mall
After done with walking around at the Central, we took off again and followed with the next destination at Causeway Bay! Hmm... my target place is Times Square!!! Why Times Square? Aiyoo.. because Agnes B & Jill Stuart are here!!
Haha... must take pic!!
Jill Stuart is located at the lower ground of Times Square! But this time, I really control myself and keep telling don't buy don't buy! Muahahaha!! Cuz I had other things that I really leaming for!! So, we just shop around, check on the price and walked out from the store! Thought will go back to get their perfume, but didn't make it due to time constraint!
Outside of Times Square
After walking around, it's time for us to hunt for food! Look at the time, it's already 1pm! No wonder our stomach were making loud noise! Muahaha...

We walked around and saw there was a very long Q at this restaurant! They are selling roasted goose! Oh boy... Roasted Goose! My favorite!!! So I told my hubby that I want to eat here! Look at the long Q, sure nice 1!!! We follow the Q and took number! I think we waited about 10mins!
They had Poon Choi menu for take away for CNY!!! Look Yummy!! But very expensive!!
Ice Tea!
I think very special! It already served cold, but they still put ice surrounded the cup!
Perhaps to make it cooler?

Once settled down, we ordered our food & drinks! Opps... where is the photo of menu? Missing somewhere, okok... nevermind, I will try to find it and post it out!

Hot Tea
Roasted Goose drumstick with Roasted Pork for myself!
Steam Chicken with Char Siew for my MIL
Roasted Pork with Char Siew for my SIL
Roasted Goose with Roasted Pork for Hubby!

Overall dining experience: The Roasted Goose tasted like Roasted Duck! Muahahaha! But it's nice! I don't like the tea, taste weird, but hubby told me it's the same taste in KL!

Ding ding Bus?! Or track bus!! Of course this is a MUST experience for newbie!

After lunch, we continue our mission of window shopping! Went in to Times Square again for photo session! The CNY deco is quite special! My SIL told me it was published in China Press Msia few days before we went to Macau! This CNY deco is in conjunction of Valentine's Day!

As we walked around, I saw Agnes B Cafe!! But we were all full, that's why didn't stop by for dessert or coffee! But, of course I will not missed a chance to went into their shop!
Here is the most famous street, the Ladies market (女人街)! I think it is something like Petaling Street! They had all this small stalls along the road side, make sure you know how to bargain well before you want to buy something! Bargaining skills are really important here! It was so crowded! Peoples are everywhere!!

When we arrived at the Avenue, it was almost dawn! Just nice to snap photo before the light-up!

Magnificent view of Hong Kong!
LV shop @ Harbour City!
It was almost 9pm, but the crowd was still lining up to go in!!
Our ticket to go back to Macau!

No doubt this was a tiring trip! But it was a good experience! I did enjoyed it a lot! Hurrying here and there to make sure we had enjoy the fullness!

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