Luxury Handbag Sale @ G Hotel, Penang!!

Hey gals, do you love bags? There will be a luxury bag sale in G Hotel, Penang this coming weekend!!

I personally love bags so much! For those in Penang or so happen if you are traveling north, please dropby G Hotel to have a look on the collection of bags offer! They have various type of bags, totes, wristlets and wallets from Coach, Limited Edition and normal LongChamp bags, Prada, Gucci and Polo Ralph Lauren Shirts available for sale!

Everything sells are 100% authentic and please rest assured as all the Coach bags are originally from USA! What I love most is their Limited Edition Long Champ bags which we are not able to find it in Malaysia or rather says that Malaysia is a bit slow in getting in new stocks! And many more to share!!

So, plan your time and head over to G Hotel this Sunday (31 Oct) from 11am ~ 3pm to grab the bags you love!! Remember to come by earlier, as usually gals start Q-ing up very early!!

See ya there!!

Octoberfest 2010 @ One Utama

Do you like beers? As for me, I don't really like beer, except for German Beer - Hoegarden!! Well, we all know that October is the most happening month for Germans as they are celebrating the OctoberFest enjoying drinking beers and eating sausages, singing & dancing!

I was invited to attend the OctoberFest early this month by my supplier. In fact, they are organizing the Octoberfest once a year on every first Friday of October and it is usually at Euro Deli @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng!

Of course this is not the highlight of the day! Today I would like to share with German's beer lovers on the coming OctoberFest celebration in One Utama! If you are One Card member, you will enjoy even more!!

Onecard Members will enjoy the following:-
1) Cheers to Octoberfest - Enjoy food such as sausages, roasted chicken, spaghetti and more! OneCard member can get RM 5 coupon with just flashing your membercard or apply or renew your card!
2) Entertaining yourself with DJ music playing all night long, games and so on...
3) Put on your Party Hat!!
4) All for One and RM 1 for all.... what is this? Remember to bring 2pc of 50 cents coin to redeem a bottle of Special Edition of Lowenbrau Octoberfest beer from 6pm onwards! Only 1000 bottles available daily! What's more, Onecard member will enjoy free beer!!!

Check out the following advertisement for more information!! 

Source: 1Utama newsletter!!

New Make-over on my Blog!!

Have you notice there is a change on my blog's background? In fact for the past few months when my Blog had suddenly turned plain pink, I was so upset and tried to restore the background but failed!

Until recently I complaint to my hubby that my blog was so plain and could not restore the background! Here it is today! Hubby gave me a surprise on the new background for my blog! The sunny day and blue sky is what I am looking forward and it had actually brighten my day!

What a good day to start with for me... Hope this will brighten up your day as well!


Camera in Pink!!!

Go pink! Go pink! Again, Oct is pink month ~ The Breast Cancer Awareness Month! You can see pink ribbon everywhere!

Sony had also bring us the good news of having the NEX series in Pink Color! Although this has nothing to do with the pink month, it's just so coincide with the Pink Month where the news was spread!

Well, I guess the female camera users had been increased throughout the year and Sony had noticed the significant numbers which is still counting, therefore, in order to conquer the female market, they got to come out with more pinkish and sweet colors! Trust me, the pink from Sony is always be an attraction! You will never want to take your eyes out of it!

This pink NEX-3 will be launch in November 19, 2010 and tentatively priced at ¥80,000 ($975)! Wow... it's so expensive! Everyone is waiting for it! What's more? I guess they will definitely launch the matching color accessories as well in order to have the whole set of pinkish, sleek and trendy looking camera!

Imagine yourself carrying a pink NEX-3 snapping photos... haha... it's so cool!! Shall check it out during my next trip to Japan!!

Soource: Engadget

Poco Homemade

Couple weeks ago, I saw wing posted few photos of molten choc cake in her FB and asked her whereabout to eat it. She told me she went to Poco Homemade!

I wonder what is Poco Homemade and where is it? Of course without delay, I started to google the place! Finally found it, it is located in Bangsar, within a housing area. In fact the place is really secluded! Luckily with GPS, we did managed to found the place.

After called and confirming the place and availability of Molten Choc Cake, we decided to go there for home cook Japanese food for dinner! But when we arrived at the shop, the signage shown "Closed for Reservation"!! Puzzle puzzle... anyway I tried to call them again from outside of their shop to confirm the availability! This time the shop owner told me that it's actually full house! I told him, only 4 of us and he managed to get us a very corner table. It's near to the oven!!

As we were all craving for the molten choc cake, that's why we tolerate with the seat arranged. After we ordered our meals, of course same time, hubby was busy snapping pictures here and there so that I can post it in my blog... haha!!! The manager asked if we wanted to change our table, as there is 1 table available near the entrance! Yesh!! Of course we want, can you imagine sitting in front of the oven at the corner was so heaty!!!

Here is the photo of oven where they are preparing the Molten Choc Cake!!

The environment of the restaurant is really calm and welcoming! The decoration was lovely and heard it was all handmade by the owner!!

Here it comes our molten choc cake & taufu cheese cake!! We ordered 2 pc each of Molten Choc Cake & Taufu Cheese Cake! The Molten Choc Cake is really yummilicious!! Taufu Cheese cake... hmm.. the taste is really special, this is the first time I heard and taste the Taufu Cheese Cake! The top layer of the cake is made by Taufu (I assumed, as it really taste like you are eating taufu fah!!), the middle layer is cheese cake, it is not so cheesy, so I like it! And the bottom layer is cookies or biscuit! Overall, I prefer the molten choc cake more!! keke....

I had ordered some jelly juice but really sour, so I exchanged it with hubby's mango lassi... very special, as it is homemade, thus it's slightly less sugar compared to those you buy in supermarket! My main course is the chicken chop!

Hubby and my SIL had ordered the Japanese style Chicken Curry Set! Taste good though, but the portion is small!

My MIL ordered soya bean & Katsu Don!
As for my SIL, she ordered the Green Tea Soya Bean! She told us, it taste like green tea!! Haha.. good experience on tasting the homemade Japanese food!

Basically the restaurant was different from others where you usually dine! From the outer look of the restaurant to the interior design, it was nice and cosy, calm and welcoming!!

You can see bags and shirts are hanging around the restaurant! They are for sale!! All handmade and done by the owner's gf! Very special!!
Finally a jelly dessert for us!!

Total bill: RM 95.70

Overall, the food is just average, but the molten Choc & Taufu Cheese cake is special! Serving is really slow, as they cook one by one! But will definitely go back for Molten Choc Cake!!!

Add: 1, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar 59100 KL.
Tel: 03-2287 5688
Business Hour:
Business Hour: Tues - Sunday ~ 12pm - 9pm (Closed every Monday - Except Public Holiday & Event Booking!)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Sweet Pinkish Mouse!!

Gals, are you lemming for a sweet pinkish mouse? October is the yearly breast cancer awareness month, I believed lot of brands and company doing their part to show the supportive of this event!

This year, Microsoft had launched the sweet pinkish mouse which namely Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000. They are start selling it in US market from now until the end of Sept 2011 for U$ 40/pc. What's more is that for every piece of mouse they sold, Microsoft will be contributing U$ 4 donation to the Komen for the Cure Charitable fund!

Hope they will bring in and sell in Malaysia! I wish I can own 1 too....

** source from

Craziest Sunday

Today is a craziest day for me... woke up in the morning and rushed over to office to print out some documents which I needed to bring over to Jakarta trip. Then went to Shu Uemura MV to have my eyebrow trimming done by the eyebrow Queen - Lisa. After that head over to Pavillion for the RMK Workshop and finally to the airport heading to Jakarta!!

Talked about the RMK Workshop, well... this is the very first time I attended a workshop which we need to stand for the whole session! The make up artist - Nishimura san is cute! I love his skill of make up where he applied the NUDE look on the model!

Actually Miu had posted up the workshop when I was in Japan and she did emailed me to ask if I am interested, but I told her that I do not want to attend to this workshop due to the bad experience I had last year! Furthermore my fav BA was no longer working in RMK. But, when I reached home last week, I saw Miu posted about the workshop having additional session due to over-whelming response and what's more?! My fav BA - Lilian will be there! Quickly I called few of my friends who always loves to attend workshop to learn more beauty skills to see if they are interested and there we go... of course, all of them are so excited and I had booked for 6 of us to go together to the workshop!

Back to the workshop, after the teaching session by Nishimura san on the model of the day, we started off with make-over by the BA using the latest Autumn collection of eye shadow pallette! My make over was done by Lilian.... too bad no pictures allowed during the workshop, thus there is no pictures at all for this post except for my own pictures of after make-over.

In fact I love the make-over done by Lilian, it was nice! I will post up the photo after hubby send it to me, as I didn't bring the camera along with me for this trip!

Of course I will not go home empty handed, I bought myself a set of value buy which is RM 190 (included Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Soap & Skintuner) & RMK Fruit Barrier Cream - RM 180. Lilian told me that Fruits Barrier Cream is a good products and I should try it out! Will snap pictures of the haul when I am back in town next week.

Total damage for today is RM 370 - RM 50 = RM 320. The GWP is for first tier, which consists of mini size creamy soap, cleansing oil, make up base, make up pouch, mirror, eye gel(?) and many more. Actually I am not so sure about what I got, cuz right after the workshop, I rushed home and thrown everything on the sofa and quickly had my make up removed so rushed over to airport!

Haha... why do I go to airport? Sigh... I am currently writing this post from Jakarta! I will be in Jakarta for 5 days and move over to Surabaya for 2 days! Total 7 days business trip! Will be back in town only on 2nd evening!

Was supposed to depart from KLIA to Jakarta @ 9.30pm but there was a slight delayed due to the weather issue! Anyway, we touched down at Jakarta airport about 11pm (Jakarta Time), by the time we went thru the custom and collect our luggage, it was almost 12.15am! We reached hotel about 1am!

This is the craziest Sunday I had.... rushing here and there! Now my eyes are so red!! Perhaps because I am too tired? I am not sure... but definitely I feel so sleepy now... hahaha...

Okok... got to rest now and will stop here! Got to wake up at 7am to visit to my customer's factory tomorrow morning! Hope the discussion goes well and will be able to bring back good news!!!

Yokoso Japan!!

I know i know... I had been slacking for so many months!! I do not want blame it on my job, it's solely due to the laziness in myself!!

I had came over to Tokyo yesterday morning departing from KLIA and transited at KK. This is the first time I had opt for a transit flight to Japan, mainly due to the night flight was full for this couple of days! Anyway, my flight was at 9am from KLIA and reached Narita Airport at 7.30pm! Oh boy, I had basically wasted 1 whole day in the flight traveling from KL to Narita! Then it took me almost 2 hours from Narita Airport to Totsuka Station (a small town in Yokohama)!

Wonder why am I here again? This time I will be staying here for only 1 week and it will be in Yokohama & Tokyo only!

I went to Hakone this morning, it was a fun and tiring trip! Of course I have more pictures to share, but need to do some edit before posting the pictures! Hahaha... But trust me, the scenery in Hakone is fascinating!! Will share more on the trip in next post!

I will be going over to Gotemba Premium Outlet tomorrow then come back to Yokohama as we are planning to go to the China Town in Yokohama. Can't wait to go there and snap more pics to share with you gals!!

ciao for now... it's 12am! Need to wake up earlier tomorrow as will need to travel for almost 3 hours to go to Gotemba Premium Outlet!

Precious Moment Event 2010

Calling all Precious Moment's Figurine lovers, the yearly Precious Moments Event 2010 is back in Singapore! As usual, they will invite someone special to come over to the region and have a signing session.

Event Venue: Raffles City Atrium, Level 3
Date: 23 & 24 October 2010
Time: 11am ~ 2pm, 2pm ~ 4pm & 4pm ~ 6pm.

  • Tickets are available for sale from 6th Aug at all Precious Thots & Hallmark Outlet in Singapore
  • Tickets sale are on First Come First Serve Basis ~ While Stock Last!!

This year, they will invite the Precious Moment's Mastere Sculptor - Mr. Hiko Maeda to the event! Same as previous year, the event ticket is S$ 100 nett which include the following:-

a) 2pc entrance tickets to the event
b) 1pc Exclusive St. Jude Event Figurine ~ "Together We Will Win The Race!" which will pre-signed by Mr. Hiko Maeda.
c) Goodie Bag (worth S$ 60)
d) A chance to buy the Exclusive Event Only Figurine and have it signed in the event by the Master Sculptor ~ Mr. Hiko Maeda.
e) Also, stand a chance to win the lucky draw!!!

This year, there are few masterpiece figurines which you simply do not want to miss it!
a) The Exclusive ~ "The Wonderful Dream Come True" (Limited to 1,500pc Worldwide) Event Price is S$ 699/pc (U.P: S$ 995)
b) "It's Wheelie Fun When I'm With You ~ S$ 75/pc (U.P: S$ 95)
c) Hallmark Exclusive ~ You're a Classic - Mickey & Minnie Mouse ~ S$ 125/set (U.P: S$ 160)
d) Finally, the Event Special Highlight ~ "Thots of You Made Life Sweeter" (Limited to 2,000pc Worldwide) ~ S$ 119 (U.P: S$ 169)

Check out the closer view of the figurines of the events!

Event Figurine ~ Together We Will Win The Race!! (Free gift)

Exclusive Event Presale Figurine ~ A Wonderful Dream Come True
This is Limited Edition ~ 1,500pc Worldwide!

This lovely piece of Figurine ~ Thots Of You Make Life Sweeter
Limited to 2,000pc Worldwide
I had already pre-order this piece! Love it so much!!
Isn't it Lovely?

It's "Wheelie" Fun When I'm With You!
I had pre-order this as well! Hahaha...

Lastly, the Hallmark Exclusive - You're A Classic Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Do you like Precious Moment Figurines? If you do, this is something you must not MISSED!!! I had already bought the tickets & booked my flight to head over for the event in October!! See ya there!!! Will Snap more pics and post it here after the events!!

P/S: Picture source from Precious Thot's FB. Special thanks to Precious Thots's for the picture sharing!!

Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sale 14/8/10

Estee Lauder Companies Staff sale is back!! A sale that REAL shopaholic will not want to miss!! In order to be the first in line, you must obtained the invitation card!! This will be my first time to this sale which I had been looking forward since I read about the miu's blog on her last year haul!

Here's the information about the sale:-

Estee Lauder Companies Staff SALE

Venue: The Grand Ballroom, Renaissance Hotel KL
Date: 14th August 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 8am ~ 3pm (While Stock Last)

Brands offers:-
Estee Lauder
Tommy Hilfiger
Donna Karen NY
Bobbi Brown

a) Cash / Visa / Master
b) As usual, bags, handbags and pouches are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED!!
c) Items sold during staff sale CANNOT BE RETURNED NOR EXCHANGED at counter.
d) All purchases are limited to 3 units per item per person and not exceeding RM 2000.
e) Invitation card will be collected upon admission.
f) All customers are required to cash out at the cashier's area ASAP.
g) Most importantly - This invitation card is given out FREE OF CHARGED only and NOT FOR SALE!!!!

Quickly get your invitation now before it's too late!! I had got mine yesterday!! Hooray!!

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