Nanoblock - Panda

This is a lovely panda Nanoblock!! A very nice piece compared to polar bear, I like this more!! Will have more Nanoblock post following up later... All are the step by step of assembling the Nanoblock from piece and pieces to the final Nanoblock which I had been crazy about!!!

Enjoy it as I enjoyed mine very much!!!

Polar Bear Nanoblock

I had been so busy and crazy about all these Nanoblock stuffs!! I had done a whole bunch of it and had yet to post it up!! Here is the step by step of assembling the polar bear!!

Princess Kitty Room

Had just arrived at Osaka today! When I took the limousine bus from Kansai airport to Osaka city, I saw the advertisement by The New Hankyu Hotel is offering this special room from 13 February 2013, limited to 2 rooms per day with ¥12,000 per pax for 2 pax per room!!

Looking at the picture of the advertisement, the room looks awesome for Hello Kitty lovers!! As it's all decorated by Hello Kitty!!

If you guys ever have chance to come to Osaka during that season, you might want to consider to book it and experience the PrincessKitty room!

Doraemon Touch N Go

Hi hi... Does any of you aware that Doraemon is collaborating with Touch N Go to launch the Doraemon 100 Years anniversary TNG and been selling in BHP like hot cake!

There are 2 different designs of Touch N Go in the collection!

a) The normal Touch N Go which cost RM 15 per card. This Touch N Go design is very cute as it seem like Doraemon is flying in the sky and there is the slogan of Doraemon World 2012.

b) As of the second design, it include a Doraemon toy with Touch N Go card, this one will cost RM 39.90/set. Of course the card design is different from the previous card. I like this card as well, as the design of the card is Doraemon is riding his time traveling machine. The slogan for this card is ''It's a Doraemon World!!!

In fact, I had been searching high and low for this Limited Edition Touch N Go, but for the past 3 weeks, almost all BHP told us it's sold out!!

Tiger Balm

I think most of us are very familiar with the brand name of Tiger Balm!! The old and conventional tiger balm is widely use during the old days! Even now, it's still my grandmom's favourite!!

Last few days when I met up with Tammy and we were talking about spa thingy!! Then I told her that I need a good spa and massage so badly as I am having a stiff neck! Immediately she pulled out the tiger balm
In tube form!! It was quite a surprise to me as I didn't know they have this new products!! Later she tried to apply some on my neck and started with a soft and light massage for me!! It was great!! As it lasted for few hours!!

Immediately the next day I went to guardian to grab one!!

They had 2 types, the normal and boosted type!! I grabbed the boosted type so have the maximum 'sensation'!!

As it's non greasy type, so you basically won't feel much oily on your neck and shoulder. Just a cool sensation later turn into hot sensation!! It's a combination of both, but what's more important is it really help to relief pain and stress!!

Get one to try it today! One tube of tiger balm for boost type is RM 16.80 (50gsm). While the normal type is selling RM 14.80!!!

Nano lock - Miffy and the Streets of Holland

I had just received an parcel from Japan today and so happy and excited about it! As it is my new toy! Hahaha!!

Well... The clock had tick and tock and I am counting since 1.30pm to 6pm! As I hope to get back home unpacked and start to assemble the nano block!!

It took me about 1.5hrs to get it done!!!

I love this nanoblock to max!! It's the limited edition for year 2010!! I had been looking for it from everywhere and finally managed to get it in at a very good price!!

Is it kawaii??!!! Love love love!!!

Progressive pic
The unpacked Nanoblock
Nanoblock - Limited Edition of Miffy & the Streets of Holland!!
Finally.... it's done! Love it to max! As it is so Kawaii!!!

Hello Again!!

Hey all... I know ... I know... I had been disappearing for such a long time... Super busy with my worklife and slacking on blog! As really exhausted and lazy to write blog!

In fact, hubby had downloaded the blogger app in my iphone and kept reminded me that I had no reason to be lazy... as I can always blog a little from my iphone! Yeah, I knew that hub... but still... LAZY!!! Hehe...

I am not sure why, suddenly I felt like blogging yesterday and started to use the Blogger App which had actually placed at the last page of my iphone Home screen! Hehe... well.. I had now moved it to the from page where I frequently used.

Hope to share more and more HOT posts with you gals! 

Miffy from Japan!!!

I had recently so crazy about Miffy! Basically everything about Miffy.... I also wanna bring it home!!!

Sadly, I couldn't find any Miffy stuffs around south east Asia except for Japan!! Thanks god I can always travel to Japan and can bring Miffy home!!!

Especially the trip to Japan in August 2012, do coincident when I was in Nagoya on one of the weekend, Takashimaya Nagoya Station was having the 'Many Many Miffy' event to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Disk Bruna!! They had some limited edition items available for sale during the event! Of course I will not missed the chance of grabbing those!! Hehehe!!

Let's share my little haul of Miffy from Japan!!

Miffy files + Gochapon + Nanoblocks + Bento mold!
 Big Miffy Doll is from Many Many Miffy Event!
Various Stickers!
Mini Miffy with Tears! So adorable!
Limited Edition Miffy Nanoblock! This is newly launched at the Many Many Miffy Event!

La Mer soft cream!

Had been having some difficult time to find a good moisturizer!! Thanks to my combination + dehydrated + sensitive skin, which I had very hard time to find a suitable product for myself! Not forgetting that as I always need to travel around and the climate and weather also caused my skin get even more sensitive than ever!!

I had recently shared this problem with my bestie and she told me that she gf been using La Mer cream moisturizer for some time and her skin looks more radiant compared to before!

But I would think cream type is not suitable for me as it might be too rich for my skin type! She told me not to worry as La Mer is coming out with new soft cream which she highly recommend me to try it out!!

Today went shopping with hubby, after done with the Havaianas flip flop, we went to Pavillion cosmetic department to see if there is anything new, and I just popped by La Mer counter to ask the SA if the soft cream moisturizer is out!

After talking and consulting, the SA is so super nice and I decided to try out the new product!! In fact, I feel it's kind of pricey!! As a jar of 30ml will cost RM 550!!

Here is my haul from La Mer!! Just a jar of their star product! The new soft cream Moisturizer!!! Not forget to say!! Today is final day for double voucher for shopping in Parkson!! I got myself RM 80 voucher as well! Will get the cleansing foam with the voucher before it expired!!

Will blog more about the result after I start use it! Let's see if it makes my skin looks more radiant!!

My very First Havaianas Flip Flop!!!

I am so super happy today shopping all day out since noon with hubby! It had been long that we had spend time shopping together!

In fact I had won myself a 15% discount from Tammy, where she had the little contest in her blog!

Anyway I am pretty glad that I had won the discount to stay with a new and very first pair of Havaianas!! Besides, to fully utilize the discount I had hubby to make one pair of his very first Top style flip flop as well!

Let's talk about my Havaianas - I had chose the slim style! Red sole with rise strap! On top of it, as the design of charms are really limited, so it's really having some hard time to pick something that I really like! Finally I decided with small lovely charms with a few pieces of swarovski stone to bling the flip flop!

Whereas for the one that hubby chose was also same red sole (as we want it to be a lovely couple flip flop) and grey strap! He doesn't want it to be too fancy, so I choose the football charm and a flip flop charm for him but later added 2 more charms for him!

Now, I can't wait to have a beach vacation so that both of us can wear our very first Havaianas! Planning... Start planning... Hubby, let's go for a beach holiday!!!

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