Dim Sum @ Imperial Garden

Yummy time! I guess most of us love to eat dim sum! Haha... I am kinda big fan for dim sum and all usually go on weekend if possible!

Recently my mom had strongly recommended dim sum @ Imperial Garden, Intan Square at PJ. Intan Square is actually next to Armada hotel. The location is very convenience. There are plenty of car parks available inside the building & at the open space area as well.

The restaurant is located at the top floor of Intan Square and you can see the Hilton view from the entrance. I love the nice ambient of the restaurant! At first I thought it will be quite pricey to have dim sum there, however, they are having promotion now where if you dine on Monday ~ Saturday, the promo is 50% discount on dim sum menu! Sorry gals, wing just called me today and told me the promo of 50% already ended.

酸辣汤 (Hot & Sour Spicy Soup?) haha...
Egg Tarts! Love it so much!
Herbs Soup
I don't really like it, not sure what vege is that, but the taste is a bit weird!

This is pork rib + jap mushroom!
Taste very good, loving it!
Soup having promo of buy 1 free 1
Toufu soup! Daily special!
Raddish cake!

Star of the meal~ Yam bun!
Seriously, this Yam bun really really YUMMY!!! I love this so much!
We even tar pao to bring home!
Har gao!
Fried Raddish cake!
Siu mai
Salad prawn
Yong tao fu
Taste good too!
Glutinous rice (Lo mai kai?!)
My favorite dim sum of all time!
Peking Duck
Peking duck wrap with egg crepe
Peking duck fried noodles
Mango Pudding
Guai Ling gou

Overall dining experience: 5****
Price: Reasonable
Environment: Nice

Piece of advice: If you plan to go on Saturday to enjoy the promo, please make sure you go earlier! Due to the overwhelm response to the promo, it's actually very long Q waiting! Especially when there is wedding dinner in the noon session, the restaurant is only having limited space to serve dim sum customers!


Joey December 28, 2009 at 1:35 PM  

babe, go with me when I back to KL

Candygal's Precious Box!! December 28, 2009 at 1:51 PM  

Joey: sure sure! Love to!! hahaha...

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