Craziest Sunday

Today is a craziest day for me... woke up in the morning and rushed over to office to print out some documents which I needed to bring over to Jakarta trip. Then went to Shu Uemura MV to have my eyebrow trimming done by the eyebrow Queen - Lisa. After that head over to Pavillion for the RMK Workshop and finally to the airport heading to Jakarta!!

Talked about the RMK Workshop, well... this is the very first time I attended a workshop which we need to stand for the whole session! The make up artist - Nishimura san is cute! I love his skill of make up where he applied the NUDE look on the model!

Actually Miu had posted up the workshop when I was in Japan and she did emailed me to ask if I am interested, but I told her that I do not want to attend to this workshop due to the bad experience I had last year! Furthermore my fav BA was no longer working in RMK. But, when I reached home last week, I saw Miu posted about the workshop having additional session due to over-whelming response and what's more?! My fav BA - Lilian will be there! Quickly I called few of my friends who always loves to attend workshop to learn more beauty skills to see if they are interested and there we go... of course, all of them are so excited and I had booked for 6 of us to go together to the workshop!

Back to the workshop, after the teaching session by Nishimura san on the model of the day, we started off with make-over by the BA using the latest Autumn collection of eye shadow pallette! My make over was done by Lilian.... too bad no pictures allowed during the workshop, thus there is no pictures at all for this post except for my own pictures of after make-over.

In fact I love the make-over done by Lilian, it was nice! I will post up the photo after hubby send it to me, as I didn't bring the camera along with me for this trip!

Of course I will not go home empty handed, I bought myself a set of value buy which is RM 190 (included Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Soap & Skintuner) & RMK Fruit Barrier Cream - RM 180. Lilian told me that Fruits Barrier Cream is a good products and I should try it out! Will snap pictures of the haul when I am back in town next week.

Total damage for today is RM 370 - RM 50 = RM 320. The GWP is for first tier, which consists of mini size creamy soap, cleansing oil, make up base, make up pouch, mirror, eye gel(?) and many more. Actually I am not so sure about what I got, cuz right after the workshop, I rushed home and thrown everything on the sofa and quickly had my make up removed so rushed over to airport!

Haha... why do I go to airport? Sigh... I am currently writing this post from Jakarta! I will be in Jakarta for 5 days and move over to Surabaya for 2 days! Total 7 days business trip! Will be back in town only on 2nd evening!

Was supposed to depart from KLIA to Jakarta @ 9.30pm but there was a slight delayed due to the weather issue! Anyway, we touched down at Jakarta airport about 11pm (Jakarta Time), by the time we went thru the custom and collect our luggage, it was almost 12.15am! We reached hotel about 1am!

This is the craziest Sunday I had.... rushing here and there! Now my eyes are so red!! Perhaps because I am too tired? I am not sure... but definitely I feel so sleepy now... hahaha...

Okok... got to rest now and will stop here! Got to wake up at 7am to visit to my customer's factory tomorrow morning! Hope the discussion goes well and will be able to bring back good news!!!


Pigita October 4, 2010 at 3:14 PM  


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