Deciding on renovation

This will be a super long post without photos....

I guess everyone of us will have the same thought as me after staying in our existing house for so many years and hope for a make over to change the new look! Or perhaps when we moved in to our house that time we do not have so huge fund for renovation and after several years of saving and finally we have a small saving for a minor make over!

I had this thought for many years! When I moved in to my current house 8 years ago, our saving was used on our wedding and only left a little for house renovation. During that time I decided to invest all the little money on my kitchen! Thus, I am happy with my wonderful kitchen!

After so many years, I always told hubby that I was regret as last time we didn't renovate our toilet and window frame as well, as the window frame given by the developer was so lousy and there is leakage from the edge of frame itself. Regret regret and regret... 

Over the year, I had so many BIG ideas.... wanna convert my room to a bigger room (2 rooms become 1 room)... wanna have a dressing room... wanna have a nice huge walking wardrobe... wanna have a powder room ....  wanna have a rain shower... wanna have a robotic vacuum ....basically wanna have everything perfect in my little house!

Then I started off with making a lot of survey on the design of the rooms I want!! From master bedroom design to dressing room to bathroom and lastly living room!! Also survey on the cost incurred for every items. 

After several round of think and rethink, if really have to carry out this type of huge renovation, it's not only the money that matters, we also have to think about where we are going to stay during renovation, how and where we will keep all our stuffs. So ended up we gave up on the idea of renovation and started sobbing about all the thoughts I had in my mind!! I told hubby I will bury all the thought in deep inside my heart so that it will never be found again! LoL!

Then in April this year, I went to Perfect Living '13 and finally decided to change my flooring to laminate flooring which I had a good discount from one of my friend who currently working in that industry. But again, of course I need to plan how can they do the flooring with all my furniture and stuffs sitting around the house!!

Then I told my sis about my idea on just do  flooring for my house and wanted to move some of the stuffs out from the house perhaps to keep in her store room. After sharing the thoughts, she asked me, since I will move out some of the stuffs, why not you take this chance to renovate your house and make it more comfy and cosy??

Here comes the BIG ideas!!! Then we started off with planning to do just flooring and plaster ceiling, making the estimation cost of involvement and everything. Yeah! It's still within my budget and I can still managed to get a dream robotic vacuum for new flooring!!

Since then, I started with my packing and planning to move back to Klang during the minor renovation. Along the way of packing my stuffs, I started to feel tired and hate packing. As then only I realized, I had crazily a lot of stuffs to pack! First, take out all unused clothes and give out to friends and family or charity! Secondly, find new houses or owners for my precious paperbags and novels!! Thirdly, packed all my beauty stuffs which I intended to do garage sale to sell it off! Then finally, packed all my clothes, bedsheets, curtains and other stuffs!Have them moved slowly to my MIL's house and some to my sister's house in Klang as well!

However, over the time, my sis asked if I planned to reno my toilet as well? As I might want to tile up the wall to make it looks cleaner? I was like, really?! If I wanted to do my toilet as well, I might need to spend additional for it. Then I was like... hmm... never mind la, just check the price first, no need to decide immediately! So, I started to look for wet works contractors and invited them to quote for my toilet works. Then only I realized, the wet works are so expensive this day compared to few years back. Meanwhile started to shop for all other items needed for toilet such as tiles, WC, basin, mixer, rain shower, water pump and etc. Will share in details in other posts.

Anyway, most important lesson I had learn from this renovation is that do not underestimate the cost of renovation. There are always unforeseen cost incurred from no where! Or in another words, I really need very HUGE courage to decide on renovating my house, guess there will not be another time in future. Therefore I must make sure I did a good job this time!



Shiro June 5, 2013 at 5:33 PM  

yeah, it is a HUGE project!
it is part n parcel of life to go through this for many couples i guess. saving just enough to pay for wedding, then new house, nothing left for reno. tot can add on from time to time but it will be a hassle. and if there is newborn, all the saving have to squeeze for newborn. who cares about the reno! haha!
owh...our salary will never catch the house price + reno. touch a bit will cost thousands. by the time we save enough for reno, the price increase again. kids grown up. need to think of kids education and future plan and reno will not be the priority anymore.

Candygal's Precious Box!! June 5, 2013 at 5:36 PM  

Babe... totally agreed with you! My small reno became huge reno and it really burned a big whole in my pocket!! No matter how hardworking we are... salary is still fixed!!! Gosh...

Shiro June 6, 2013 at 5:42 PM  

Babe, it is worth the pennies if the reno is good and give you comfortable home :)

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