Electric Lunch Box - Fried Egg Red Bean with Rice

Today's lunch box!

Today had prepared simple lunch for hubby! 

Woke up early to fried egg and keep in a separate Tupperware for him. Pour half can of red bean into the food tray and here it goes!

2pc Egg (pan fried)
Half can of Red Bean (Ayam brand)
1 cup of rice (rinse with water)

Air tight and keep it in Bear Electric Lunch Box for hubby to bring to work and keep in the fridge when arrived at office!! 

How it works:-
1) Open the transparent cover of lunch box!
2) Pour water into rice. Make sure water do not over your palm. (Measured with Palm)
3) Put back the middle tray onto the rice tray.
4) Pour 160ml of water into the lunch box. Plug in power cord and switch on the power.
5) Wait for 30mins to cook. (suggest to cook for 30mins and leave it for 10mins to steam the rice for it to taste better)
6) Here you go! Yummilicious fried egg with red bean + Rice is served!

This simple lunch only cost less than RM 5!!! 

Sorry for the photo quality as I am snapping it using iPhone only!!


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