iPhone 6

Guess I am one of the luckiest in the world to have this super awesome daddy! 

Went to Japan for holiday last week with hubby and my dad! 

At first daddy was talking about getting himself a new iPhone 6 and he was considering whether to get iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+! 

On the next morning, he woke up earlier and told me: "let's go to Apple Store in Osaka!" I was like u seriously wanna buy iPhone 6 here? He said yeah! I wanna get 5 of them! Wtf!! Later he said he wanna get it for all of us as Xmas gift! Omg!! I think I am so so lucky to have such an awesome daddy!!!

After arriving at shinsaibashi Apple Store at 10.05am, we saw super long Q lining up in the store and we do not have a clue as we thought that was the Q to buy iPhone 6! Later only found out that is actually the service Q! iPhone 6 & 6+ only available for pre-order and subject to store availability! 

Lucky that lady is helpful and helped us check which is the available store and found Fukuoka still have plenty of Gold color 64GB iPhone 6 available for booking! Lucky us! Immediately we make online booking and rush down to Fukuoka from Osaka! It's almost a 3 hours ride by Shinkansen! 

So we rushed down to Fukuoka at around 12pm and arrived at 3.30pm at Apple Store Fukuoka! Happily collected all the 5pc of iPhone 6! 

This is my new iPhone 6 with the cute Hello Kitty casing!! 

Thanks dad for the earlier Xmas gift this year!!! I love u so much xoxo!!!! 


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