Pineapple juice by TM5

Sharing my favorite juices - Pineapple Juice.

Me and hubby loves juicing a lot, among all the juices we tried to blend with TM5, our all time favorite are pineapple juices, honey dew juices and orange + Apple juices. 

Let me share with you the pineapple juices:-

40g - Raw cane sugar (10sec // spd 10)
400g - Water (5sec // spd 6) 
500g - pineapple 
1tsp - Grinded plum powder (I used homemade, will share how I make it next time)

1mins // spd 10

The texture of the juices are very rich and creamy! You should try it if you haven't had one before! I am sure you will love it!!!


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