Preparation Haul for Japan Trip

Hi there! I know I know, you gals must be waiting for the new post everyday! I am so sorry about not posting as regular as I used to be, basically I am real busy recently with works & preparation for my business trip.

Due to the weather change in Japan, I got to get myself some winter clothing such as wind breaker, jackets, sweaters and pants/jeans. Thus, I was a bit busy shopping around to look for something I really like and suitable for the weather!

haha... due to the constraint in plus size market in Malaysia, it is not easy to find a nice and not so pricey winter clothes for plus size like me! Lucky M&S already brought in their winter clothing! In fact was started shopping for the wind breaker/jacket since last week and undecided which to choose!

At the beginning when I went to M&S in 1U, they have only limited design, which is the black & red colors shown below. Then I went to M&S in KLCC, there are few more choices! After seeking opinions from friends and family members, I had actually decided to go for the Red color Jacket! Thought I will go over to buy it on this Sunday in KLCC as I planned to have my makeover done @ RMK KLCC on Sunday before the wedding dinner!

Somehow, I felt like going to KLCC tonight for pre-checking for Loreal sale item. So I went with my hubby, mom in law & sis in law to KLCC for shopping! Of course, I wouldn't missed the chance to sneak into M&S to try out again on my choice of jacket. However, when I walked into M&S, the white color winter jacket with fur cap attached had attract my attention. Immediately I walked over to try on the jacket, oh boy! I found the one I loved!!!! Then without delay I must check if the price is within my budget! Gosh, it is so expensive compared to the red jacket which I planned to buy earlier!

Undecided again!!! Then I went over to pick the red jacket to try on again to see which is nicer! Aarrrggghhhh........ no more size???!!!!! I checked with the SA, she said they don't keep stock, it's all out there!! So, that's it! It's fate right? Wanting me to buy the white jacket?? Kakakaka... Well, I double confirmed with the SA again on the stock availability, she confirmed that it's all out there! The XL size for white jacket is the one and only piece out there! I don't want to miss it anymore! Without think further, I grabbed it and head straight to the counter for payment! hahaha... here it comes my lovely jacket!

Besides, I also bought a sweater & a pair of jeans from DP where they are having sale now! Sweater is at the 20% member b'day discount (thanks to Arwen) & Jeans is 30% discount. Great deals!!!

My total damage today - RM 656

M&S White winter jacket - RM 449
DP Jeans - RM 69.30 (U.P: RM 99)
DP Sweater - RM 71.20 (U.P: RM 89)
Sally Hansen Nail Remover - RM 14.90
Clarins Water Tumbler - RM 12 (for charity)
RMK Make up case - RM 55

Please tell me, if you were me, which will you choose???

Black jacket

Red Jacket (planned to buy this)

Black jacket

Black long jacket (almost same design as my white jacket)

White Jacket with fur cap (I bought this!!)

My total Haul!!!

Do you like the jacket as well? Nice isn't it?? I love it so much!!

Imagine Japan is freezing!! hahahaha!!!

Clarins Charity Water Tumbler ~ RM 12
Which in advertisement they will start selling from 1 ~ 31 Nov 09,
somehow I saw it today, so I just bought it!

Sally Hansem nail remover ~ Rm 14.90
It comes with the bottle. If only the nail remover, the price is RM 12.90.
If bundle with the container, the price is RM 14.90.


Anonymous October 31, 2009 at 8:34 AM  

candy have a nice japan trip........yeah u choose the best one out the white one with fur is soooo cute suit u....^^

tutu j

Sherry October 31, 2009 at 9:37 PM  

nice haul! :)

wow.. japan nice.. happy holiday I have never been there. my friend that keep pushig me to buy stuff one.. went to japan and canada already. this yr they going to LA.

abby November 1, 2009 at 1:08 AM  

oh i love japan. i hope you control yourself over there haha...don't overhaul! although i don't see how i'd be able to control myself

oh my gosh girl! i SO prefer the white over ALL the others! even the red! good choice!! i went to M&S last night. 1U but didnt see that! pretty.

happy jetting of to Japan! i'll be here being jealous

Miu November 1, 2009 at 1:19 AM  

i bought the clarins tumber too for rm12 :D

btw i like black jacket, u look slim in it. The white one also not bad.. look very winter..

so nice get to go Japan.. take care!

Pigita November 1, 2009 at 1:13 PM  

I think the white jacket with the fur trim is a great choice, somehow i think you look "brighter" in it than the other colors shown in your photos.

Wah, Japan look out!! Tornado Candy is blowing your way LOL

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