Good Skinlab Workshop @ 31 Oct 09

Last Saturday was a busy for me, as you gals aware, Loreal was having their warehouse sale in the morning and the GoodSkin Labs workshop started at 11am ~ 1pm!!

I would said this is a quite good workshop and the product does speak for itself! You can actually see instant result and differences on your face! Here comes the fruitful info about the workshop.

At the beginning of the workshop, as usual they will start with brief introduction and Q&A session!

What do we all know about GoodSkin Labs? Well, I read a lot about GoodSkin Labs products recently, especially on Tri-Aktiline, Smooth 365 & Eyliplex-2. Heard that they really make miracles and you can actually see "INSTANT" results!

GoodSkin Labs is targeting on the group of peoples who are concerning about aging concerns on all level with appropriate treatments that will deliver both instant results and long term benefits. The results after used is powerful and effective! But the products are a bit pricey for me! Most important, they are all fragrance free and can be used by anyone!

Their best seller include Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler, Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Dark Circle Reducer and Smooth-365 Intensive Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum.

After the brief introduction of their products, here we start with our hands-on of the products. First, assume we had already did our daily ritual of face cleansing, we started with using the Citra-Peels for scrubbing purposes. Citra-peels is one of the product that I am wanted to buy since I read about it!

There are 2 steps in Citra-peels: Step 1 - Re-surfaces with low pH citric acid and Step 2 - Restore with high pH neutralizer.

You feel a bit tingle when rubbing the step 1 Citra-peels on your face, according to the BA, it's the citric acid caused tingling feels, it's ok! However, they advise for those who have blemish/pimples/breakouts problems, please avoid using it as it will created burning feeling. Used it after healing or dry-out! After application of Step 1, leave it for few minutes for it to dry, then pick up the Step 2 and start rubbing on face again! Step 2 is consists of aloe vera and it is soothing! It will calm down the tingling feels.

After done with Citra-peels, followed by applying eyliplex-2 on eye area. There are 2 separate jar on the packing, white and blue. It's well written, white cap is Day Gel for day use and blue cap is Night Balm for night use. Each has different effects to solve problems around eye area. Which means, only using the eyliplex-2, it will protects our eye area 24 hours a day!The day gel helps to lift and tightens eye area skin. Your eyes will look smooth and less lines to show a more youthful appearance! Whereby, the creamy night balm will reduces the look of dark circles while our skin is sleeping. For those who have serious dark circles problems should try this!

Now, we are ready to apply Tri-Aktiline! How do we apply this? Press the cream out from the tube and dap on the treated area. Meaning if we want to cure the lines around eye area, just dap a small amount on the lines we wanted to be treated. Or if you would like to treat on your laugh lines, just dap a small amount on it! Just dapped a small amount will do!

After applied Tri-Aktiline, it's time to apply my next favorite, the Smooth-365! Wow, I love this so much! You will feel smooth like baby skin after applying it! Just press a small amount on your palm and just applying it on your face. On those area where you had already applied Tri-Aktiline, please dap Smooth-365 on it, as if you rub the Smooth-365 on it, you will just rub away Tri-Aktiline as well! So, just dapped the area of Tri-Aktiline and the rest of it, you can just apply as usual.

All the above steps was done on the left side of our face! This is because they will take picture instantly to show you the differences before and after application of their products! You can really see instant results on those fine lines! I applied Tri-Aktiline especially on my laugh lines, I see instant reduce on it!

That's the end of workshop! They handed everyone of us a goodie bag! Opppsss, did I mentioned the workshop is FOC? Thanks to Hello! Mag for organizing such a good workshop for us!! Let's see what's inside the goodie bag. It consists of the following:-

1 small jar of Smooth-365
2 tubes of Tri-Aktiline (actually only 1pc in goodie bag, however, due to good response on Q&A session, Ms. Cherry - big bos of GoodSkin Lab decided to give extra 1 tube for each of the participants!)
1 full size foaming cleanser for Oily Skin
1x RM 50 voucher redeemable only on the same day!!

What's more? Of course it's time for them to push more sale! Here's the price of the products:-

Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler ~ RM 180
Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Dark Circle Reducer ~ RM 195
Smooth-365 Intensive Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum ~ RM 195
Citra-Peels ~ RM 190

The good thing when you buy during the workshop is you will have RM 50 discount voucher to be utilize + GWP! GWP only entitled if you buy any 2 products!!!

Let's see the GWP:-
1 bottle of deluxe size Smooth-365
1 full size gentle skin exfoliator
1 deluxe size moisturizer
1 mini size eye gel

Here is the photos of my haul during the workshop @ Suria Meriang office in MV.

Citra- Peel @ RM 190
Eyliplex-2 @ Rm195
GWP for purchase of 2 items during the workshop
Total Haul worth RM 335 (with discount of Rm50 voucher)

Personal view: after used of Eyliplex-2, I can see significant reduced of Dark Circle around my eye area! As I had really bad dark circle problems, most likely due to lack of quality sleeping time! hahaha.... It's worth buying! What I love most is their Smooth-365, you can really feel the smoothness after applying it! Basically do not need to put on extra moisturizer! hahaha! Now I had skipped moisturizer and straight away apply sun block! I don't feel oily even after a day of work!

For those who had not register for the workshop, there is another session coming up on 14th Nov which is FOC and 22nd Nov which is paid workshop organized by Nuyou or Newtide (I forgot which 1 already! Will check out and update tonight!) Or do anyone have more info, please share here!


Sherry November 5, 2009 at 9:29 AM  

do review if they are great products :D

vote me Sherry at

Lilian November 5, 2009 at 9:49 AM  

Thanks for sharing this workshop of Goodskin Lab, I'm going to the sameworkshop too on the 14th this month. You bought all the stuff showed at total haul of RM335?

Candygal's Precious Box!! November 5, 2009 at 9:58 AM  

Sherry: Yes, will review! Photos put up yesterday with brief intro was meant for my readers who are interested to join the workshop but not sure what to expect. That's why I posted up the photos first! Will follow up with the brief review and more info later! Sorry gal, cuz really been bz with my trip thingy now!

Lilian: Yes, those are RM 335 for 2 full size products + doorgift + GWP!! Really worth!!!

sheau wen November 5, 2009 at 10:50 AM  

Dear... i tot u bought only citra peels and the eyeliplex only.. u bought also the travel pack arr.. wow..

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