Singapore Trips with Hubby!!

As it was a long weekend holiday last week, hubby, me & my sis in law went to Singapore to spend our weekend there and do some X'mas shopping!

We went there on Thursday night and came back on Sunday night. As three of us were working on Thursday (I was supposed to be on leave, but I went in to office in the afternoon for a small meeting), it was actually quite rush as the flight was at 9.15pm. We reached LCCT at about 7.30pm and it was a long Q on the check-in counter! It took us about 30 ~ 45mins to check in our luggage and 3 of us were starving!!!

We headed straight to Mc D to grab our dinner and rush into custom and waiting hall.

our dinner at Mc D!
JPG miniature ~ lovely!

On the first day, we woke up about 9am and get ready for breakfast! We ate this delicious wantan mee nearby the market I stayed in Toa Payoh! It was delicious and cheap! This plate of wantan mee cost S$ 1.50. Special discount as there wasn't much left and they even offer extra noodles! hahaha... We were quite happy! The owner is from Ipoh!!!

Wantan mee with extra noodles ~ S$ 1.50/plate!

After breakfast, we head straight to Bugis Junction. As usually most of the shopping mall in Singapore already been decorated with X'mas trees and they are so pretty!! When shopping around Bugis Junction, I spotted this Organic Soap stall, where they are selling organic soap and it's in cake shape! Smell real good! Actually no photos allowed, but my hubby managed to snap few so that I can show it to my readers.

Organic Soap Stall in Bugis Junction
The cake look yummilicious? haha... in fact it smell real good!!

After walking around at ground floor, it's my ritual! hahaha... I will head straight to 2nd floor where my favorite store ~ Precious Moments (PM) located! Since I had renewed my members in Sept/Oct 09, they had informed me that I can collect my figurine & membership card anytime as they are all ready! Another good news I heard from Pei yu (SA of PM), PM is having promotion on last weekend, where members will be enjoying 10% + 7% discount on all figurines & products in store (except for promo items). Well well... of course I will not let go this great opportunity to haul my fav figurines & X'mas pressie!

Hmm... this time I didn't haul as much as I expected, as I am kinda out of budget! Hahaha... cuz just came back from Japan where I had not recover my fund yet! Thus unable to fully enjoy my shopping desire in PM! Anyway, I am very happy with my haul!!!

Precious Moment Store @ Bugis Junction
My haul from Precious Moment!
Member's only figurine for Year 2010
Limited Edition Stamp
Water Tumbler

After I done my haul in PM, we went to Kinokuniya in Bugis Junction and bought few magazines! Guess what, I had also joined member there as member will get 10% discount on all purchases in Kinokuniya, even magazines too!! What a good news! After joined as member, we received instant discount of 10% of our total haul! How I wish Kino KLCC will apply the same!

My cousin sis told me that Kino in Takashimaya is the biggest and have more choice of japanese mag! Haha... without second thought, we went to Kino @ Takashimaya to continue our search on Jap mag! In fact, I found few older issue of Jap mag there and bought it!

Total Haul of Magazines!
Jan 2010 issue of WITH
comes with Coach Calender
MORE Jan 2010 issue with Jill Stuart Calender
Mixed used with little silky make up pouch!
Haul for hubby ~ Rene Furterer Shampoo
Haul for myself ~ CURE

Will review on this products in next post! I tried it once and like it so much!
No wonder they can sell 1 bottle every 20 seconds!

When we done with mag shopping @ Kinokuniya, we went to Isetan next to Takashimaya, as I wanted to buy something from Fancl! Actually they are having promo now, with every S$ 120 spent, free 1pc bath towel. Top up to S$ 200, free 2pc bath towels!

So I bought the following:-
1) Skin Renewal Pack ~ 1 tube
2) Washing Powder ~ 2 bottles
3) Face Puff ~ 1 pc
4) Diet pills ~ 3 packs
5) Aloe pills ~ 1 pack

With the above purchases, I received 2pc of bath towels. Hehe... I shared haul with my sis in law!

Haul from Fancl!

To be continue......
Sneak preview of photos....


Abby December 1, 2009 at 3:38 AM  

OMG!!!! You went to Royce! You went to the BIG one didn't you! Suntec was it!? I can only go to the Takashimaya one. So sad!! I am so jealous! OMG my fave chocolates in the world! Wait, how much are they there again? We have it here for RM 39 per box. Champagne is my fave! Their bitter is nice too. I wanted to do a review on it. Don't try to beat me haha!

Did you check out Kiehl's Xmas promos there? I was wondering about it. have Kino card! Can borrow? Haha...

Vonvon December 1, 2009 at 10:07 AM  

Wow!! You are really a 5-star shopaholic. Haven't even seen all your Japan haul and now your S'pore haul..

The Christmas deco over there is so much nicer than over here.

Candygal's Precious Box!! December 1, 2009 at 11:50 AM  

Abby: I went to the new one in ION level B4... Yeah, i agreed their choc are really nice... I bought champagne! Love it so much too!! i regretted only bought 1 box! The box i bought is S$ 15/box! Please review on it! looking forward to read about it! hehehe...

Kiehl's hor... in fact, i think it's not so cheap over there! It's cheaper over here in KL! So buy in KL la...!!! If u wan the Kino card, let me know, i can arrange for u, not a big prob!

Von: haha... will post on my Japan Part 2 soon.. probably this evening! Yes, their x'mas deco are so nice! Love it so much!!

caixiuxiu December 1, 2009 at 6:03 PM  

Arrghhh..ROYCE chocolate...can i have one tiny pc pls..hahahaha..
can c ur r very happy wit ya PM haul!

sheau wen December 2, 2009 at 9:39 AM  

wa candy.. really bought a lot!!!
Hey why u bought diet pills? u need it mer..?

Sherry December 2, 2009 at 11:23 PM  

such good trip and haul :) hehe.. how out christmas? whts your plan.

saltvinegar December 30, 2009 at 7:43 PM  

OMG you bought so many mags! Do you read Japanese or is it for the gifts with purchase? i bought a Steady Jan 2010 mag just for the samantha tiara case and it costs $17.50!

Candygal's Precious Box!! December 30, 2009 at 7:49 PM  

Saltvinegar: hi there! I don't read japanese, it's just for the sake of gift! haha! I love the freebies given by the Japanese mag! So generous, but a bit pricey! I got my Steady Jan too! Any new mag up in Kino now? I am going to sg tomorrow morning!

Shiro June 5, 2013 at 5:52 PM  

love the "har kaw" (prawn dumpling) u had here!
and the luxury PM collections! omg!

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