Essie & Nubar Nail Product Anniversary Sale

Hey gals, I was supposed to post this on last weekend, but was slightly busy foya-ing until quite late with Tammy & Wing on Saturday after the Jurlique workshop... Anyway, Joey & Tammy did told me about this sale last week when I came back from Japan, so coincident I was free on Saturday morning, that's why I dropped by the place and have a look.

The sale is still on until this coming Saturday! So drop by the place before the sale is off!

Essie is one of my favorite brand as I love the quality of the brush & nail polish! If you have tried it before, you might find the different with other brands.

Before I went to the sale, I did heard that some of their products already sold out, especially Nailtek value pack, I was quite sad at once, as I am looking for Nailtek treatment pack! Anyway, I didn't regret to go on last Saturday, at least I had grabbed what I wanted!!

According to the owner, most of the items are still available such as Nailtek Value Pack, however, there are still some items which they are really out of stock! Those are Essie Diamond Edition and several essie nail products (in fact I don't remember what exactly is the items that will not be replenish except for Diamond Edition).

Here's my little haul.

1. Nailtek Perfect Pedicure At Home - RM 99
2. Nailtek Transition Go From Artificial to Natural - RM 99
3. Nailtek Value Pack - RM 99
4. Essie Diamond Nail Polish - RM 33
5. Nubar Nail Polish - RM 28 each
6. Cuticle Cutter - RM 40 each (60% Discount)
7. 4-ways Buffer - RM 3
8. Nailtek Top Coat - Buy 1 Free 1 - RM 38


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