Tiger Balm

I think most of us are very familiar with the brand name of Tiger Balm!! The old and conventional tiger balm is widely use during the old days! Even now, it's still my grandmom's favourite!!

Last few days when I met up with Tammy and we were talking about spa thingy!! Then I told her that I need a good spa and massage so badly as I am having a stiff neck! Immediately she pulled out the tiger balm
In tube form!! It was quite a surprise to me as I didn't know they have this new products!! Later she tried to apply some on my neck and started with a soft and light massage for me!! It was great!! As it lasted for few hours!!

Immediately the next day I went to guardian to grab one!!

They had 2 types, the normal and boosted type!! I grabbed the boosted type so have the maximum 'sensation'!!

As it's non greasy type, so you basically won't feel much oily on your neck and shoulder. Just a cool sensation later turn into hot sensation!! It's a combination of both, but what's more important is it really help to relief pain and stress!!

Get one to try it today! One tube of tiger balm for boost type is RM 16.80 (50gsm). While the normal type is selling RM 14.80!!!


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