Miffy from Japan!!!

I had recently so crazy about Miffy! Basically everything about Miffy.... I also wanna bring it home!!!

Sadly, I couldn't find any Miffy stuffs around south east Asia except for Japan!! Thanks god I can always travel to Japan and can bring Miffy home!!!

Especially the trip to Japan in August 2012, do coincident when I was in Nagoya on one of the weekend, Takashimaya Nagoya Station was having the 'Many Many Miffy' event to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Disk Bruna!! They had some limited edition items available for sale during the event! Of course I will not missed the chance of grabbing those!! Hehehe!!

Let's share my little haul of Miffy from Japan!!

Miffy files + Gochapon + Nanoblocks + Bento mold!
 Big Miffy Doll is from Many Many Miffy Event!
Various Stickers!
Mini Miffy with Tears! So adorable!
Limited Edition Miffy Nanoblock! This is newly launched at the Many Many Miffy Event!


Shiro March 22, 2013 at 9:10 AM  

i like miffy too :)
got one miffy thermos for my girl...she is born in rabbit year. I have lots of reason to buy miffy now ;P

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