Day 5 - Freebie Haul

It's the fifth day of the 10-days NSC, I went over to few places today to have my freebies therapy and had collected the following items:-

1) Chanel (SA service so good compared to the one that I had experienced last week in the 5-star shopping mall... pui pui...)
~ I got this from the print out which Marina had gave me days ago! The redemption just started today!!
a) Sculpting Firming Concentrate Serum - 5ml
b) Ultra Firming Night Cream - 5ml

Finally had the Chanel!!

2) Montagne Jennesse Hair Mask -
~ Bring cut out from Cleo Sept issue for the redemption at selected Guardian store.
~ Strange as most of you went for redemption and got the face mask, but the SA gave me hair mask as she claimed that is the mask of the day!

Hair Mask from Montagne Jennesse

3) Clinique
~ I had blogged about this yesterday where you can fill up the form online and they will send you sms, so that you can show the SA sms and got the redemption! Well, as they don't have pre-pack sachets, thus usually they will pour it and keep in the small container for you!

4) Lancome - Lash Spa
~ Went to counter at Isetan The Garden, the SA told me that I have to go Metro MV to get the redemption, as they don't have make up artist in Isetan to do the free mini make over.
~ She showed me the lash treatment, where it can be use both as the mascara base or leave-over treatment (no rinse of required). Size of full size mascara @ RM 120/pc.
~ So will go back to Metro MV on Sunday to check out on the redemption!

5) Issey Miyaki ~ Perfume sample
~ Received this perfume sample launching postcard from Isetan early this week and stated there first 50 members who bring this card over to Issey Miyaki counter @ KLCC will be able to redeem for free samples, start from 10th Sept.
~ Rush over during lunch time for the redemption and thought they will at least give us a mini miniature spray type bottle perfume. Who knows, they gave us sachet, kns... they so kiam siap la... waste my petrol, parking & time... if I know it is only sachet, I will not be rushing all the way!!! I also not sure how they want us to spray on for trial! Probably like Wing said it is meant for bookmark or leave in the bag!!!

That's my freebie therapy of the day and will be heading to Maybelline & ZA tomorrow for the lippie exchange programme!!!


YJia September 12, 2009 at 2:11 AM  

hi candy ,
where can we print out the voucher to redeem the chanel ultra correction lift samples ya ?
coz last time i heard many ppl complaints that the advertisement in The Star Newspaper that giving out samples doesn't work at all...
so would u mind me tell me where can i get the print out and u're redeem it from which store ya ?
So dying for chanel ~~~~haha

Candygal's Precious Box!! September 12, 2009 at 8:07 AM  

Actually i also looking for the chanel website for print out. mine i got it from my fren who printed extra for me, heard it's from the e-newsletter. I m still trying to find it so i can blog about it for everyone to collect it.

I collected mine from Sogo counter! the SA is really nice!

YJia September 12, 2009 at 2:43 PM  

Hi i found the address of the e-newsletter ady ^^ finally...hahaha...keep on google and google it with using different's killing me..hahaha...

so now u can blog it can spread the love of Chanel to everyone lak ^^hahaha...did the SA at sogo helps u 2 makeover ???

and abt the jennesse mask , which store u're redeem it from ya ? coz i went to guardian klcc twice and trying 2 redeem the mask...each time the promoter attitude is really bad ...and they are bluffin alot using malay...can't really understand what they are talking abt...they jz like wanna chase me away from the store oni...i was so frustrated with their attitude :(

Pigita September 12, 2009 at 5:08 PM  

hi Candy,

I wonder how the Chanel "Sculpting Firming Concentrate Serum" compares to the clarins "Shaping Facial Lift".

Hope u will review both and let us know how both compares to each other.

Candygal's Precious Box!! September 12, 2009 at 9:39 PM  

Yjia: Thanks a lot for your help! I had blog about it already! I had actually went to Sogo for redemption and it's lunch time! They didn't offer any makeover, should they??
As for Jennesse mask, i redeemed it from KLCC, the chinese SA is quite helpful!!!

Pigita: I will review it later ... cuz now really busy with my schedule, so full leh!! Every weekend also fully booked! haha!!

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