Precious Moments Event 2009 @ Singapore!!

The Author Samuel J. Butcher

Main Entrance to the Event Hall!

As you gals aware that I had went over to Singapore early September to attend the Precious Moment Event 2009 where we can meet the author and had a signing session!

I was so excited on the signing day as I can finally met with the author and what's more? We can actually bring our favorite figurines for him to sign! I had bought 1 Limited Edition figurine and got to collect it before the event.

That's why I went over to Precious Thots @ Bugis Junction in the morning to pick up my lovely limited edition figurine. Then head straight to the event hall @ Raffles City.

I reached there a bit earlier than my expected time and they let us went in earlier. As the passes for the event were based on different time slot and we had 2 tickets with 2 different time slot as well! Anyway, thanks to the young lady who allowed us to go in earlier!

Event held @ Raffle City @ Level 4
Marked Closed for Private Event for Event Ticket Holder Only!!!

The Registration counter!
Goodie bag??!!!

After we had done with our registration, the lady passed us 1 goodie bag for each ticket. Hmm... I was so excited and curious what's inside the goodie bag! Wah... so nice, they gave us a Precious Moment pink Tote, File holder, notepad, photo frame, jewelry box & a bottle of water!

Goodie bag! Pink Totes, file holder, photo frame, notepad & jewelry box!

Lucky this time there were not so crowded, as they had spread the signing session into few sessions, thus you will not be able to see real crowd here this year! I heard the previous year event, the crowd was so huge and need to Q for quite long time to get into the event hall! Anyway, it's great news to me, as we don't have to squeeze ourselve around the display counter to search for our favorite Precious Moment Figurines. They had so much displays figurines in the display cabinets. Retired and suspended figurines, limited edition figurines and a lot more! I love them all, of course oneself cannot be so greedy! So I only choose what I love most!

The moment I stepped into the event hall, we were so excited and started to shop around for our favorite figurines! There were so many nice, cute and limited edition of figurines to choose! It's really hard for us! Take this and must forego that! Arrggghhhh.... How I wish I could have all of them... hahaha... greedily smile!!!

Limited Edition Figurine - 5000 pc worldwide!
"I am Forever by Your Side"
U.P: S@ 239 - Promo S$ 199

Limited Edition - 5000pc World Wide
"Holiday Surprise Are Filled with Love!"
U.P: S$ 199 Promo: S$ 159
Retired Figurine
"A Mother's Arms are Always Open"
U.P: S$ 79 Promo: S$ 59

Then I started to look for my favorite SA - Pei Yu! She is actually based in Precious Thots @ Bugis Junction and she is the reason that bring me back there to purchase all my hauls everytime I go Singapore! She is really helpful! When I finally found her, I quickly pulled her aside to tell her what I want and get her to help me to take down my order and proceed to payment counter!

She is my Fav SA -Pei Yu, taking my order!

After done all the shopping, we headed straight to collect our figurines and payment! Now we are ready for the signing session. As I had few figurines, that's why need to choose the one that I really love for the signing!!

Here is me choosing which figurines for signing!

Me & my cousin sis during the signing session with the Author - Sam Butcher!
I really love Sam, look at his smile, so charming!!!

Me & hubby!

Taa dah!!! The Signing of the Author Sam Butcher!
My Limited Edition Figurine - # 1709 of 5000 pc worldwide!

I had chose 2 lovely piece of figurines for the signing purpose! After the signing session, we saw the 2 couples of Precious Moment dolls! Of course, we want to snap photos with them! Hurry hurry! As they only stay around for 15mins!

Before we left the event, we head straight to Precious Thots @ Raffles City, as they are having some promotion for the event! Some of the accessories & figurines are selling at a special price!

On going promotion @ Precious Thots Raffles City only!

The main display of Precious Thots @ Raffles City!

Finally, the events over! Below are the total haul for 3 of us, myself, my sis in law & my cousin sis!

My total haul + freebies!

I bring home 4 pieces of lovely figures!

Notice something missing?? haha... The Event only Figurine!! According to my SA, she said the event only figurine actually will arrive in SG on 11th Sept, thus need to collect it later from their outlet! I am looking forward to go back to SG to collect the figurine soon!!! Meanwhile, my cousin sis will be collecting on my behalf from the store!


caixiuxiu September 16, 2009 at 12:52 AM  

so cute!!!!
i saw the limited edition @ MV jus now...was wondering whether u bot it ...

Miu September 16, 2009 at 9:41 AM  

omg... I wished I could go to the Precious Moments Events in SG! didn't know Sam Butcher is there for signing! ARGHHH!!!!! I adored Precious Moments figurine!!! but I'm always hesitating to buy it as I believe it should be given with love to a special person :)

I had my 1st from my bf, a cute boy for valentine's day. It was my first and last one =_= cis!!!! my bf never give me anymore!!!

Candygal's Precious Box!! September 16, 2009 at 11:11 AM  

Wing: Which 1? is it the couple standing on the bridge? if yes, i have that, but still in sg now, not yet bring home!

Miu: i thought i told u the author is coming to sg for the signing events? Anyway, this is the last time he will come to Sg, cuz he is really very old!

Sherry September 16, 2009 at 9:43 PM  

very nice ;) hehe.. when I was a kid I like to buy them. Now not so much :( but in heart still a fan.

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