Ascent Press Event @ Pavillion

Hey gals, Aramis & Designers Fragrances had organized Ascent Fragrances Event which the motto of the event is "Find Your Perfume Personality"! This is the first ever event launch in the country! I was so glad that I was invited to attend this media launch @ Pavillion yesterday morning.

They are having this event at Pavillion from 29th Apr ~ 5th May, this is on-going event which helps you to know more about the perfume that suits your personality! Wonder how they do it? They actually have a application installed in the ipod and start doing "quiz" to find out what suits you the most!

Once you are ready, the perfume specialist or consultant will guide you thru the quiz by answering or choosing the answer step by steps! You will start the quiz by selecting the photos that representing you or rather the photo that you love most! The step by step will lead you to the end of the quiz and you will be able to find out which type of personality you fall in. Now, they will tell you, which type of perfume (without telling you the name & brand of perfume) suits you. There are 3 types of personality ~ Casual, Sophisticated & Seductive! It can be any one type of personality or combination of either 2 of them.

I fall under the casual + sophisticated! They let me smell 3 types of different scents and I had chosen the one that I love most which they told me later that is the DNKY Be Delicious ~ The Fresh Blossom range.

Mike Liew ~ Brand GM for Aramis & Designer Fragrances
Very friendly & casual guy!

What's more? They are so nice and considerable! They even prepared 2 laptops for consumers to share, blog, FB & twitter updates immediately after the events or campaign!!

Head over to Pavillion before the event over and find out what is your perfume personality! This will help you to know more about your personality and find the correct scents for yourself! Please feel free to drop a note and share with us what is the result of the Quiz!!!


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