Earth Day @ 22nd April 2010

In conjunction of the Earth Day on 22nd April 2010, I believed many stores and brand name are participating in the "Save the Earth" & "Go Green" Campaign!! Our earth is sick, temperature, climate and weather had changed, global warming are getting serious!! We must take our part to save the earth!!

There are several brand name out there are doing their part on the "Go Green" campaign. Let's see who are they:-

a) Precious Moment (PM)
This year, PM will do their part to save the earth by introducing the "Go Green" new Packaging. Where they will use up to 66% less styrofoam, using recycle materials for boxes, smaller box to reduce usage of fuel on shipping!!

b) Origins
Introducing the Green Shopping Bag which comes in 2 different designs. The Chicobag Shopping Bag @ RM 18 & Organic Shopping Tote @ RM 25. What's more?! With every purchase of the shopping bag, Origins will plant one tree for on our behalf! So, shopping which saving the earth?? haha.... sound good to me! I will be heading to Origins counter to check it out!!

Besides, they will also organize events @ Pavillion on 1st May from 4pm ~ 6pm to celebrate the Earth Day!!

c) Kiehl's Malaysia
Another favourite brand of mine ~ Kiehl's!! They will be having their new store opening @ Empire Shopping Gallery on 22nd April 2010 ~ The Earth Day!! I believe this will a good news for Kiehl's lover around Subang area!!

Friend of mine who stayed @ Putra Height had just called me last week asking where is the nearest branch around her area, but sadly to tell her the nearest should be MV or 1U!! Since I saw this news @ Kiehl's FB yesterday, I called her immediately! With no worries in future, Kiehl's has comes to Subang!! You can shop there now!! Haha...

d) Cleo aka GAP!!!
Cleo has cooperate with Gap this year in conjunction of the Gap launching of 0% plastic shopping Bag @ 1U!! Cleo readers out there, I believed this is only 1 day promotion where you must go to your nearest news stand to grab a copy of CLEO and head straight to GAP 1U tomorrow (22nd April) to exchange the 0% Plastic Bag by GAP for free!!

Of course, the bag will also available for sale, with purchase of RM 80 and above, you can buy the 0% plastic bag @ RM 15. However, if you spend RM 350 and above, the bag is yours for FREE!!!

Will keep you gals update if I have more information on the Earth Day activities!! Stay tune for more exciting news!!


PinkyLicious April 21, 2010 at 8:03 PM  

are you goin to redeem the GAP eco friendly shopping bag tomorrow?

Candygal's Precious Box!! April 21, 2010 at 8:05 PM  

babe, i wish i can go... but tomorrow morning i have marketing meeting to attend, so cannot be excuse... T.T
U? u going??

PinkyLicious April 22, 2010 at 12:40 AM  

try my best =.=' maybe after working hour go there see still can get it or not..

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