Pineapple juice by TM5

Sharing my favorite juices - Pineapple Juice.

Me and hubby loves juicing a lot, among all the juices we tried to blend with TM5, our all time favorite are pineapple juices, honey dew juices and orange + Apple juices. 

Let me share with you the pineapple juices:-

40g - Raw cane sugar (10sec // spd 10)
400g - Water (5sec // spd 6) 
500g - pineapple 
1tsp - Grinded plum powder (I used homemade, will share how I make it next time)

1mins // spd 10

The texture of the juices are very rich and creamy! You should try it if you haven't had one before! I am sure you will love it!!!

Homemade Bentong Ginger Powder

All these while, I had been loving Ginger tea and always bought from homemade store various type of Ginger made products namely the Ginger tea with longan, Ginger powder and etc.

Recently, I was searching high and low for Original Pure Bentong Ginger powder in the market, however, I wasn't able to find the one I really looking for! 

Since I had my own dehydrator and my sis was suggesting, why not made our own Ginger powder and at least we know what it made from. Moreover, with Thermomix TM5, I can basically grind and blend anything! 

       Bentong Ginger after dehydrated 

This was my first time making it, was too excited and didn't really took photos, will post up more photos on the next time I make it!

I had ordered 10kgs of Bentong Ginger from a friend of my brother. After getting the Ginger, maid had helped me to wash clean and dried the Ginger. 

After few days, we sliced it using the Tupperware brand Mandoline which is really eased us on slicing work. We can cut into our desired thickness without a sweat. After slicing it, now you place all the sliced Ginger into dehydrator to dehydrate it for 6hrs every round. We used about 3 days continually to dehydrate 10kgs of Ginger. 
       This is the Mandoline I was using

After done with dehydrated the Ginger, I used my new toy - TM5 to grind it into powder. I had grinded all the 10kgs Bentong Ginger and only had about 850grams of Ginger powder!

         My dehydrator from Kuvings
   (Freegift from my Kuvings slow juicer)

Let me share the making by steps as below:-

Pure Bentong Ginger powder
10kgs - Bentong Ginger

Step 1: Wash clean and dry 
Step 2: Slice into 2mm thickness using Mandoline or normal knife.
Step 3: Place sliced Ginger into dehydrator for 6hrs
Step 4: Place dehydrated Ginger into TM5 mixing bowl as below:-

100g - dehydrated sliced Ginger (each time place about 100g, to make sure it grinded nicely)
30sec // spd 10

    Bentong Ginger powder after grinded

Voila... The very fine, nicely grinder Bentong Ginger powder is now ready to be serve.

Many asking me, what's the used of Ginger powder, why bother to make it myself since it's so troublesome and not easy!

Well, homemade Bentong Ginger is hearhier and most importantly is we know what we consume and it's PURE! This Ginger powder that I made, smell so good compared to those we got from market. 

Usually I used my homemade Bentong Ginger powder for cooking (salted chicken especially), to cure cough, caught flu and etc. Ginger powder is good for our health and we should always keep a bottle with us at home!

     Hot Bentong Ginger tea with organic brown sugar

Condensed Milk Mantou by TM5

My recent new love - Thermomix TM5!
If I tell you this new toy bring a lot of joy to me and my families & friends! 

Let me share with you this lovely Condensed Milk Mantou. Frankly speaking, before I got TM5, I had never thought about homemade mantou at all, as it's not easy to make perfect dough! 

With TM5, all we need is less than 3mins of time to wake the yeast and knead the dough! 3 mins later... Ta da... Mantou dough is ready... Next is proofing... It took about 35-45mins to proof the Mantou before we can really steam it.

Now, here comes the recipe for TM5:-

Condensed Milk Mantou
100g - water
5g - yeast
10g - raw cane sugar (or to your taste)
Put all these ingredients into mixing bowl with 30sec / 37'c / spd 2
(This is to wake the yeast)

Add in the following after 30sec:-
250g - pau flour
100g - Condensed Milk
1 pinch - salt
2mins / / Dough function

After 2 mins, pour the dough on a lightly floured silicone mat for easy shaping. 

Now use rolling pin to roll the dough flat (this is to let go the extra air in the dough). Then use hand to roll back the dough to make Mantou shape. Then cut into desire size of Mantou.

Let it proof for 35-45mins, then put back the Varoma tray into TM5 and steam for 18mins / V / spd 2

iPhone 6

Guess I am one of the luckiest in the world to have this super awesome daddy! 

Went to Japan for holiday last week with hubby and my dad! 

At first daddy was talking about getting himself a new iPhone 6 and he was considering whether to get iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+! 

On the next morning, he woke up earlier and told me: "let's go to Apple Store in Osaka!" I was like u seriously wanna buy iPhone 6 here? He said yeah! I wanna get 5 of them! Wtf!! Later he said he wanna get it for all of us as Xmas gift! Omg!! I think I am so so lucky to have such an awesome daddy!!!

After arriving at shinsaibashi Apple Store at 10.05am, we saw super long Q lining up in the store and we do not have a clue as we thought that was the Q to buy iPhone 6! Later only found out that is actually the service Q! iPhone 6 & 6+ only available for pre-order and subject to store availability! 

Lucky that lady is helpful and helped us check which is the available store and found Fukuoka still have plenty of Gold color 64GB iPhone 6 available for booking! Lucky us! Immediately we make online booking and rush down to Fukuoka from Osaka! It's almost a 3 hours ride by Shinkansen! 

So we rushed down to Fukuoka at around 12pm and arrived at 3.30pm at Apple Store Fukuoka! Happily collected all the 5pc of iPhone 6! 

This is my new iPhone 6 with the cute Hello Kitty casing!! 

Thanks dad for the earlier Xmas gift this year!!! I love u so much xoxo!!!! 

Electric Lunch Box - Boil ABC Soup

Typical Chinese soup - ABC Soup 

This is non halal but you can always change the pork part to replace it with chicken tight or drumstick.

Using the Bandari D9 to boil ABC soup. This is the most simple and easiest soup to cook! You don't have to be a chef to enjoy yummy soup! 

Tammy once tried this soup and she loves it so much!

Very simple way to cook, let's start with ingredient:-

2pc of Pork Rib (can replace it with drumstick or tight, but pls remove skin)
1pc of Potato
1pc of Tomato
Half pc of Carrots
Half pc of Corn
1pc of big onion
2-3pc of dried scallop

1) Prepare hot boil water and soak the pork rib or skinless chicken into water. This will help to wash away or cleansed the unwanted oil. Then put the soaked rib or drumstick or tight into Bandari D9 metal bowl.
2) cut all ingredient into small pieces and put into the pot.
3) Pour water into the boiler. There is an indication in the pot, do not fill water over the line. Put the metal bowl into the pot.
4) Choose Boil soup (炖汤)- preset time is 2hrs (if you want the soup to taste nicer, you may add 1hr more to 3hrs instead.)
5) Wait for 2-3hrs for the soup to be serve.

6) After 2-3hrs, yummy soup can be serve! Using this bowl, the soup is good for 2pax max!!

Electric Lunch Box - Fried Egg Red Bean with Rice

Today's lunch box!

Today had prepared simple lunch for hubby! 

Woke up early to fried egg and keep in a separate Tupperware for him. Pour half can of red bean into the food tray and here it goes!

2pc Egg (pan fried)
Half can of Red Bean (Ayam brand)
1 cup of rice (rinse with water)

Air tight and keep it in Bear Electric Lunch Box for hubby to bring to work and keep in the fridge when arrived at office!! 

How it works:-
1) Open the transparent cover of lunch box!
2) Pour water into rice. Make sure water do not over your palm. (Measured with Palm)
3) Put back the middle tray onto the rice tray.
4) Pour 160ml of water into the lunch box. Plug in power cord and switch on the power.
5) Wait for 30mins to cook. (suggest to cook for 30mins and leave it for 10mins to steam the rice for it to taste better)
6) Here you go! Yummilicious fried egg with red bean + Rice is served!

This simple lunch only cost less than RM 5!!! 

Sorry for the photo quality as I am snapping it using iPhone only!!

Dessert 1: Figs with Pears and "Chuan Bei" Powder Dessert

Tong shui (Dessert) series 1:-

Boil this because I am coughing non stop for few days!

Figs with pears and "chuan bei" powder dessert.

1pc of giant Korean pear
3pc giant red dates
3pc candies dates
3pc giant figs
10grams "chuan bei" powder
3pcs of pandan leaves
(Supposed to add cane sugar, but since I am using Korean pear which is sweet enough, so I skip the cane sugar)

I am using #DDZ136 double boiler to boil it for 3hrs!

The "chuan bei" is good for coughing, but in order for it to be more effective, I requested the shop to grind it to powdery so we can absorb fully when we drink it!





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