Kiehl's Party

Before the party start! Ice Man is welcoming all the guest!

On 8th August 09, Vonvon invited almost 30 of her loyal blog followers & readers to the blasting Kiehl's Party at Pavillion!

Well, that was a very busy Saturday but it was the most enjoyable 1! Why make me said that? Simply because I am also an invited guest of vonvon's Kiehl's party!!! Haha... that was my first time stepping into Kiehl's, had always stared at the shop whenever I went to 1U, cuz the display of the shop is so welcoming, but somehow the SA looks so LC lo... But I had changed my impression after attending to Vonvon's Kiehl's Party! The KCRs in Pavillion are so friendly! Nadia - the presenter did a very good job on giving us a lesson on how and where Kiehl's from!

After the presentation, Vonvon had requested all her readers to intro themselves, no one can actually escape from it! T.T... At least not me... probably too big to hide!! Hahaha.... moment after the introduction session, the most excited parts of the party, to try on the products!!

I tried so many things... but keep resist myself to buy from the shop, yet I had failed! I bought a dandruff shampoo and of course, I also got some free samples for trial purpose! I didn't know that Kiehl's can be so generous! Salute Kiehl's! As far as I know, there is no such company in the market being so generous in giving out samples for customer to try!

What's more on that day? For every RM 100 you spent, you will entitled RM 10 discount immediately from your purchase!!

After I bought the shampoo for dandruff home, I can't wait til try it out immediately to see how it works! Come to my surprise, after 3 days of usage of the shampoo, my dandruff problems seem to be better! I don't see dandruff peeling off from my skin! After 7 days of usage, I do not have major dandruff problems anymore! Now, I am using it everyday to make sure it is all cure!

Nevertheless, every invited guests are entitled to bring home a freebie goodie bag! It consists of Ultra Facial Moisturizer 30ml & Hair Conditioner & Grooming Aid 65ml (both are deluxe size). On top of the designed door gift, they also giving out the sachets of the products we are interested for us to try before purchasing the full size! I am happy to bring home freebies + 1 bottle of Dandruff shampoo!

Here's some highlight of the Kiehl's Party!

Freebies/Door gift (2 bottles of deluxe size samples)

After I saw the significant changed on the dandruff problems, I called my sister immediately as she had serious dandruff problems where she tried out many types of shampoo and still cannot help to solve her problems. I told her what Kiehl's did magic on my dandruff problems, she immediately show interest to try on. I took her to Kiehl's in Isetan KLCC to buy the same shampoo I recommended! And guess what, we brought home with 3 sachets each of Ultimate White Surface Brightening Exfoliator!!!

I think Kiehl's products are really natural and it really makes wonders!!

As per von's blog, they are having Merdeka promo where every RM 100 purchase, you will be entitled RM 10 discount immediately on the purchase! My sis just told me that she had just spent about RM 450 (after discount) from Kiehl's Mid Valley! But she said the KCR is lack of products knowledge, as she asked her about the products and skin type problem, the KRC unable to answer her question! Anyway, I am sure she is happy with her haul today! I will try to blog about what she bought on this weekend when I go back to my parent's house! Well, as for me, I think I will not missed this opportunity to grab something I want from the Merdeka sale!!

Boy & gals, Kiehl's products are really good, please don't hesitate to try it, as you can try it before you purchase the full size! So, don't wait, go grab your favorite from Kiehl's today!!!

P/S: Photos courtesy of Jessying. Thanks Jess for allowing me to "steal" the photos from her blog! hehehe...


Miu August 25, 2009 at 11:56 PM  

finally u blog about Kiehl's!

glad u enjoy yourself so much Candy!!!

so the shampoo really good? coz i have dandruff problem also :( i must try the sample.. b4 buying!

n i agree... u dun see companies like this..around.... town

Candygal's Precious Box!! August 26, 2009 at 8:33 AM  

The shampoo is good, but i don't think they have sachet sample for this type. Cuz i actually request before, but they said they dun have this in sachets!

Frankly, no regret buying the shampoo... gonna go get 1 more before the sale end!

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