Rene Furterer

Today went to KLCC for Bookfest to grab few magazines I had missed the last time I went!

Anyway, today's top story is not about Bookfest instead! It's about the Rene Furterer promotion for Isetan member! Wow... it's so good luck to be Isetan member as we get so many freebies & promotion from time to time!!

Actually after I done my shopping at bookfest, I was supposed headed straight to Ferragamo @ the Gallery, Isetan KLCC to meet up with my bro & sister. But when I walked in from the Apartment entrance, the Rene Furterer was at my left hand side and I saw the advertisement about the promo. Of course, without delay, I headed straight to the SA and asked her about the free hair scalp analysis & consultation. I signed up for both myself & my hubby for the analysis, as I heard very good comments from Sasa & Jess on last Saturday gathering.

I let my hubby do the analysis first, then I told the SA I will be back to do mine, cuz my bro & sis was calling me to meet them upstairs. But after my sis paid for the bills @ the Gallery, we head back to Rene for the hair analysis. This time, all of us had enrolled to get the analysis, my bro & wife, my sis & myself (hubby done before this).

The SA - Ms. Serene, she is really helpful and provide us with handful info. She said I had a dry scalp with some dead skin where I will need to scrub my hair scalp to clean off my scalp. Basically everything is healthy, except for the oily pores & dry scalp. So she recommended few products for me... She intro their STAR product which is Complex 5 @ RM 126 (U.P: RM 140 - 10% discount0(Jess is luring for it!!) and few other products which suitable for me & my hubby.

After that, she told me that if I want to do treatment, I should go directly to Pavillion where they have their own boutique or treatment spa available. They are having Isetan card member promo now until 31 Aug where they give 10% discount counter wide. Whereas, if you can't make it to go now, no prob, as Isetan will have another promo where you can buy Fioravanti No Rinse (Detangling Spray) for only RM 68 (U.P: RM 85) - start 1 Sept 09 for 1 week only (limited to 50 sets only)

Beside, I also bought a starter pack for color hair set which comprised of 1 shampoo, 2 hair masks & 1 hair spray for color hair @ RM 70.

GWP: 1 travel bag + 4 travel size sample

Total damage at Rene Furterer is RM 196. Here's my haul:-

Complex 5, Colored Hair Starter Pack, GWP & Samples after analysis & Consultation

My haul - Complex 5 & Starter pack


They had few treatments available at their Spa Boutique in Pavillion:-

Basic treatment - RM 60
Special Spa Treatment - RM 240 (buy 1 free 1 - until 31 Aug)

I only know they had this 2 packages, I am sure they have more, probably I will drop by Pavillion tomorrow to check out their package. It's so tempting since it's so nice!!! Wanna try it out!!!


Janice August 31, 2009 at 2:37 AM  

i feel so out becoz i am not Isetan member yet... gonna apply soon i think... = ="

u really a shopaholic neh... =_=" but it's a good haul plus we need our hair to be healthy too... hmmm.. now should i go try the scanning too? ><

Jessying August 31, 2009 at 2:23 PM  

i miss the hair treatment. i feel like angel !!!! i wan the complex 5 but deadly broke

SaSa August 31, 2009 at 3:20 PM  

i went for treatment at Pavilion and bought the daily shampoo and conditioner (total RM 146) and my cousin sister bought the complex 5 and hair shapoo total damage RM 255 . both of us oso no free gift le ~

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