Nando's Chicken Delivery Service

Today is the first time we had Nando's chicken for our dinner at home. As I had received the flyer about the Nando's delivery service and intended to try out their service! In fact, I was reading about it months ago in Miu's blog about the delivery and her passion about Nando's.

I had actually met up with my hubby around 6.35pm and had decided to call Nando's delivery immediately so that we don't have to wait so long for our dinner to deliver! We called Nando's from car when we were on the way back to our home. It was about 6.45pm when we made our orders, we had ordered 2 sets of 1/4 chicken set with 2 sidelines. 1 is mild peri-peri, which is for myself and another 1 is hot peri-peri for my hubby! We were so excited about it and rush home to wait for our dinner....

Without hesitate, we rushed to shower and started to wait for our dinner.... time flies... 7.25pm my hubby came to me and asked me what time will the delivery arrived, I told him I am not sure, waiting for them to call me to get direction. At 7.40pm, there is 1 lady called up and said it might have some delay, but they will deliver it before 8pm. So here we continue to wait and wait and wait.....

Until 8.20pm, my hubby came and told me that he is starving to death! So I called Nando's immediately and complaint about this matter. The guy said he will check and call me back... then we continue to wait...

Finally at 8.45pm, our dinner arrived and guess what? The delivery boy told us, actually they don't deliver to our area, but no choice as order was taken! Without much delay, we rushed to our dining table to tear the paper bag and took out our long waited 1/4 chicken!!!

But, both of us were almost crawling on the floor as too hungry and have no energy at all, as we felt that we were half dead.... starving to dead!! (As we usually have our dinner around 6.45pm - 7pm).

Anyway, we were excited at first, but when I hold the paper bag which Nando's delivered, I was a bit disappointed as all the dishes were cold!

Here comes our dinner.....

1/4 chicken (Hot Peri-Peri) with 2 sidelines for my hubby!! Very small! Can't even fill up his stomach though!! Haha!!

1/4 chicken (Mild Peri-Peri) with 2 sidelines for myself, cuz i don't eat spicy food! Isn't it small??

Overall experience:-

a) Food: 5/10
We like it and think it taste better than the other grilled chicken!
But if they do not let us starve for so long, it might be higher in point! hahaha!!!
Another thing is.... the portion is so small, we can't even fill our stomach!

b) Delivery Service: 2/10
Took them so long to deliver the foods and it was cold when it reached our place! T.T
Too hungry, not able to reheat, so eat as it is!!

c) Packaging: 6/10
Well packed...

d) Repeat order: 2/10
I think it would very much depends on the situation! Today was the very first time we order Nando's delivery and it might be last as well... we cannot afford to wait for so long to have our dinner... do not want to starve to dead again!!

My total experience of Nando's delivery: Disappointed with the service!

But will definitely go back to their store for dine in!!! If you are yet to try their chicken, please try it out, you might fall in love with it. I love the Mild Peri-Peri Chicken!!!

Here is their new menu which offer wide ranges of ala-cart or set meal.

Delicious & tempting list of foods!!


sheau wen August 13, 2009 at 9:56 AM  

wa.. should ask them to gv free liao.. cause delayed almost 2 hours.. walau ei..

Candygal's Precious Box!! August 13, 2009 at 10:21 AM  

Ya la... really idiot 1... both of us really dying that time!!! if still don't come hor... we already want to order pizza!!

Elaine August 21, 2009 at 4:15 PM  

Hey Candygal, my name is Elaine and I work in the Marketing Dept. of Nando's.

As I read your post...I felt really bad for keeping you and your husband so hungry for that long! But trust me, your feedback has been brought to the attention of our operations team. They are looking into this matter so that not another customer of ours will have to starve like you did. We are truly sorry for having let you almost go crawling on the floor due to the hunger.

However, we are also really happy to read that you'd definitely come back to dine-in at our restaurants and that you also still cared to introduce Nando's products to your friends. I'd like to thank you on behalf of Nando's, for your valuable feedback and undying devotion for our peri-hot chicken!

For everything, we'd like to reward you with some vouchers which entitle you to some privileges at any of our restaurants. Please let me know how should I get the vouchers delivered to you. If you prefer to email me the details, feel free contact me at

P/S: Hope we get better scores from you the next time!

Anonymous August 21, 2009 at 5:41 PM  

halooo.......... know what.i always had the best experience with nandos fact,i ordered nandos almost every know what,i don't think its the agent's fault who took your order.I used to dine-in at mines and guess what?they gave the worst service ever!!i had to wait an hour for the food.that was,i'm not surprise your order arrived in 2 more thing,the first time I ordered,they never send to my area oso but they told me they will check 1st.that shows tht your area had been deliver before.thts y the agent proceed with your order.means tht,the fault caused by the outlet.they r the one who's stupid and don't know how to do their work.i swear i will never go back to dine-in at mines again.suck!!!

Elaine August 24, 2009 at 10:49 AM  

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your feedback on our delivery service. It's really good to hear that.

However, we are sorry and disappointed that our outlet in the Mines gave you bad experience. Is there any way we can contact you regarding this? Because I think candygal might start charging Nando's for mis-using her blog as a channel to return feedbacks. Haha...

So, Anonymous...I hope you see this and you can contact me at as well.

By the way...thanks for your email, Candy!

Candygal's Precious Box!! August 24, 2009 at 11:33 AM  

Thanks Elaine!

delivery service philippines September 23, 2009 at 8:59 AM  

Thank you for this i want to try the nandos delivery,because i think it would be the best. :)


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