My Haul from Beautilicous Warehouse Sale

Another warehouse sale in town! The Beautilicious Warehouse sale....

I am quite new to this brand, as I browsed through Janice's blog on last Friday and found out about this warehouse sale. Straight away I checked with my sister in law - Cammy, she told me that I can only find Beautilicious products in Watson and I went to Watson on Saturday with Cammy. I found some make up kits which really lovely and most importantly their Brushes set! Something that I eye-ing for so long and I love their texture as well! Very soft!

After the survey at Watson, we started to plan and budget for the warehouse sale!

I met Cammy at MV after work, but it was raining so heavily and I guess nothing can stop gals from going to "Retail Therapy" (term used by Vonvon for shopping). Haha... I arrived at their office at Kuchai around 6.30pm and I could not get any parking space around... I had to park my car at the back lane of the building and run over to the building, as raining really heavy and it's so windy!

When we arrived, there are few staffs around in the office, I guess I will be their last customer! I asked permission from the staff whether I can take photos of the cosmetics on the table to blog about it later? She said okay and walked out from that little room. But came in back with her CEO - Ms. Julie, pretty & charming lady! Guess what? I will rate it 5 star *wink wink* as all their staffs are really friendly and kind.

In fact, Ms. Julie had introduced few of their star products to me, such as:-

a) The Magic Wand - Liquid Eye Liner (easy to use, even for amateur like me)
b) Puff Up Souffle - 2 way cake with SPF 15 (double function - Sunblock & protect our silky skin)
c) Eye Majic Wonder Eyes (Instant eye applicator, easy to use - apply, slide & blend it, all can be done within 10 seconds)
d) Arch it Right Eyebrow Kit (help to fix or trim eyebrow with 4 eyebrow stencil)
e) Dream Holiday Kit (Travel must-have ~ All in 1 kits)
f) Jelly Beans Lip Pallette (bring this 8-in-1 pallette and u will be able to change lips colors as u like)
g) Brush Set

Well, of course I am very happy with my haul and probably will go back again tomorrow to get other stuffs which I really likes. Let me do a small price report and show you gals my haul!

Price report:-
a) Liquid Eye Liner - 3 colors (Black, Blue, Brown) ~ RM 21 (U.P: Rm 29.90) (Made in Korea)
b) Alyssa, Victoria & Dessert Bar Pallette ~ RM 35 (U.P: RM 49.90)
c) Instant Eye Shadow (Limited colors) ~ Rm 5/pc (U.P: RM 12.90)
d) The Retro Kit ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 59.90)
e) Smoke Gets in your Eye Kit ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 59.90)
f) Eye Opener Kit ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 59.90)
g) Jelly Beans Lip Pallette ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 66.90)
h) Twinkling Star Kit ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 66.90)
i) Dream Holiday Kit ~ RM 56 (U.P: RM 79.90)
j) Quick Liquid Eyes Kit ~ RM 40 (U.P: RM 66.90)
k) Arch it Right Eyebrow Kit ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 59.90) - Only 1 but with small defects
l) Sweet baby Doll Kit ~ RM 30 (U.P: RM 59.90)
m) Eyeshadow/Blush refills ~ RM 7 (U.P: RM 15.90)
n) Pan Case 6 slots ~ RM 10 (U.P: RM 25.90)
o) Pan Case 3 slots ~ RM 7 (U.P: RM 15.90)
p) Eye Shadow brush ~ RM 7 (U.P: RM 15.90)
q) Eyebrow brush & comb ~ RM 7 (U.P: RM 15.90)
r) Lip gloss ~ Rm 10 (U.P: RM 25.90)
s) Brush bag ~ RM 10 (U.P: RM 29.90) ~ Sold Out

Their Catalogues ~ Supposed to print in Pink, but the supplier did it wrongly,
but i think this color also nice. Of course pinky more lady ma...

Make up kits & Eyeshadow/blusher refills

Make-up kits close up!

Jelly Beans Lip Pallette & The Retro Kit

Star Product ~ Eye liner & Mascara
Dream Holiday Kit

Dessert Bar Pallette

I like Alyssa Pallette... might go back for it!

Bargain corner - from RM 20 (i think) with small defects

Eyeshadow Brush
Eye Brow brush & Comb

Here comes my haul, total damage: RM 142

1) Brush set
2) Instant Eye shadow
3) Eye liner
4) Eye Shadow brush
5) 2 make up kits
6) Lip gloss

Total Haul!

Likes what I have? Let me know if you want anything from Beautilicious, I will be going back again tomorrow!!

P/S: btw, they don't have the Brush set for sell!!


Anonymous August 27, 2009 at 9:55 AM  

wah so pro now candy...very good job i go see cuci mata hahaha......

tutu J

Janice August 27, 2009 at 10:18 AM  

whoa... do they have many eyeshadow pan to choose from? i'm thinking of grabbing some of their shadows and blushes pan... and maybe the alyssa... xD

good haul!!!!

Candygal's Precious Box!! August 27, 2009 at 10:22 AM  

Janice: yes, almost all colors! I think that is good deal la... can grab if u wan...

T.H August 27, 2009 at 10:50 AM  

wow so nice :).. come take part my contest to win slim it yourself a box :)

at also mommmy.

Julie August 27, 2009 at 11:03 AM  

Candy, thanks for stopping by yesterday at our warehouse sale & the quick blog review on the sale. Glad you liked the products! See you back here today!

Warm regards,
Julie @ Beautilicious.

Candygal's Precious Box!! August 27, 2009 at 11:11 AM  

TH: I leave the chance to others, as I am same like you, planning for baby also...

Julie: thanks for dropping by... hope you like my review on the warehouse sale and wish you will gain more visitors today!!

Julie August 27, 2009 at 11:16 AM  

Pleasure was all mine..

Sherry August 27, 2009 at 12:12 PM  

wahaha.. all yours! good haul and value for money! :)

love your layout

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