Exclusive Clarins Workshop for Plusizekitten's Readers!!

Wow, what a great news I received from Miu on last Friday evening on Exclusive Clarins Workshop which Clarins organized for Miu & her readers! Yes, it's CLARINS!!!! What's more? Clarins is so generous, they had actually organized 2 sessions for all Miu's loyal fans & readers due to overwhelming requests!! Look, do you see the reason being Miu's loyal fans & followers?? It's not just about beauty and sale info, it has more than what we expected, full of surprises!!!

Okok... come back to the workshop, at first we were all happily registered to attend the Power to Try workshop by Clarins on 15th Aug, but on Friday (14 Aug) afternoon, Clarance from Clarins called Miu to inform her that Clarins had canceled her & her readers registration to the workshop! Shockingly, follow by great news which they will be organizing another "Private/Exclusive" workshop for Miu's readers!! Muahaha... at first when I received sms from Miu saying to cancel the workshop, I was a bit disappointed, but later on I received another sms from Miu & Jess saying new private session will be up for all of us on a new date!!

Well, I heard they will be giving out freebies also!!! Oh... I forgot to highlight that the Exclusive workshop is totally FREE!! Got to get updates from Miu on the freebies!!

Thanks to Miu for all the great deals she shared with all her readers, it really benefits all of us! Moreover, it's Clarins!

For more info on the workshop, please visit to plusizekitten blog!


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