Rochor Original Beancurd

My bro told me when we reached Sg that he will takes me to a place where they sell beancurd after our retail therapy. I thought it will be something like probably around 9pm or 10pm. So I didn't ask much about it!

We shopped until about 11pm only went back to my aunt's place in Toa Payoh! After took my shower and started to snap photos of my haul on day 1 in Sg, my bro asked if I am ready? Of course I will asked him why? where he wanna go?? He said go eat Tau fu fah!! That was about 12.15am in the morning!!!!!

We drove from Toa Payoh and heading to Orchard Road by car! Gosh!!! I cannot believed that it's still so crowded in Orchard Road about 1am!

haha... okok... where is the Tau fu fah shop?? It's nearby Plaza Singapore!! It's at one of the street, it's quite secluded! We also make few round to find the shop! When we found the shop, it was quite surprised to me as the Q was so LONGGGGGGGG!!! I mean real Long!!!! The cars were parking along the street outside the shop! Photo will become evidence of the above statement!

Shop selling Tau Fu Fah in the night!
Customers Q-ing to wait for their turn to order the Tau Fu Fah!!
The seating outside the shop, along the side street, behind the shop & upstair of the shop!
Our food & drinks

I ordered 5 Tau Fu Fah + 2 Soya Beans Drinks + 4 Yao Zha Guai + Ham Zim Peng. Total S$ 9.50.

Tau Fu Fah: Nice, a bit sweet
Soya Bean Drink: normal!
Yao Zha Guai: Crispy


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