Chicken Rice Ball @ Toa Payoh

After arrived in Singapore, my dad went to Tuas industrial park to buy the instruments & accessories he needs for work! Then we headed straight to Toa Payoh at around 12.30pm! Everyone of us felt so hungry and of course we won't missed the Chicken rice ball in Toa Payoh! One of my favorite spot for chicken rice! It's at Toa Payoh Lorong 1! Don't remember the block number but will definitely check it out with my cousin sister and update the info later.

Coffee shop where the Chicken Rice stall located
Long Q, the Q continue after me!

Is the shop famous? Hmm.. I think it's famous, cuz even the TV Programme in Singapore also interviewed them before! Usually the Q very long especially during lunch hour! This time, the tauke soo was really nice as she let me ordered 20pc of rice ball with 1 whole chicken!

Half steam chicken & half roasted chicken
Rice Ball ~ Really big and filling!
Each of us ate about 3pc!

The meals cost us S$ 59.80 for 7 adults + 1 kid!


Pigita January 2, 2010 at 9:59 AM  

These are the size of the chicken rice balls in Msia when I had them as a kid - tennis ball size.

Now, the chicken rice balls in KL have shrunk from tennis balls to golf ball size only. What Happenned??

Singaporeans got more balls than us liao!! LOL

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