New Year trip to Sg with family!!

Went to Sg with my family yesterday for a real short trip as my dad wanna buy some instrument for work! As we wanted to avoid traffic jam during this peak season, thus we planned our trip 1 day ahead of the bad traffic and started our journey at 6am on 31st Dec 09 and come back on 1st Jan 2010!!

We went to Yong Peng town for breakfast before entering into Singapore. The fish ball noodles in this shop is really nice! The fish ball really "Q" and the price of the food is reasonable! When we were waiting for the noodles to be ready to serve, my nephew saw the lorry bringing in a lot of durians and he kept shouting "durian durian, I want durian!"

I was like... huh? Durian in for breakfast??!! haha... anyway, my brother bought 3 for us to try on, it cost us RM 25. The taste of durian is delicious! But it's kinda weird to have durian for breakfast!

Here is the pictures of noodles we ate! I think I had also snapped the picture of the shop with another camera, got to check it tomorrow when I go back home!

Full table of noodles, fish cake & Otak-otak!
Durian as starter for breakfast!
Love the Otak-Otak! It's delicious & fresh!
It's cheap! RM 6 for take away & RM 8 for dine-in.
I ordered dry Lou Shu Fan!

After finish our breakfast, we continued our journey to Singapore!


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