New Year Kick off!!

Hey gals! It's really been a while since I last updated my status, what am I currently busy with? How am I doing? Did I do any shopping lately? What's the great haul? When is my next trip and destination? Well well well... frankly, I had been so busy lately with my work! What a new year to start with! Usually I am really busy in the beginning of the year! Especially this year, since we are really short handed in the office and basically everyone need to pick up a few extra task to do!

Firstly, I am busy with works, especially right now we are preparing for the biggest event of the year for my company! Exhibition + Partner's Nite!!! This is one and only biggest yearly events where most of the suppliers & customers from domestic & overseas visiting us in exhibition and join us in our Partner's Nite!

Secondly, another biggest event for all of us... the Chinese New Year!!! I believed everyone of us are busy preparing ourselves for Chinese New Year! Busy shopping, house keeping, throwing out all old and un-used stuffs, decorating our house, going to hair saloon to have a new hair style or dye hair and preparing hampers for family's member!

Thirdly, my first trip for 2010 with my lovely hubby to Macau!!! Haha... Macau, here we come!! We are going to Macau on next weekend to celebrate our anniversary! I am so happy! It's been so fast, it's almost 8 years since we registered and legally pronounce husband & wife! I am looking forward for this lovely trip to spend time with my hubby!

All the above had been keeping me busy until I do not have much time to update my blog!

Today I had been out all day! Went to hair saloon to straighten my hair and make appointment on next week to dye my hair before I depart to Macau! It took about 4.5 hours for me to straighten my hair and sat in the saloon! I was so sleepy! After I done my hair, I went straight to KLCC to meet my sis to collect my new curtain and also collected my Loccitane's membership card in Isetan KLCC!

After done all the collection, thought I wanted to head straight home as hubby waiting for me for dinner! But when I saw a lot of people carrying Mark & Spencers plastic bag with "SALE" printed on it, I know I cannot escape from it and must push myself go into the shop to see if I am able to grab something! I know I know... I promised not to spend! But, it's CNY!!! I wanted to buy new clothes!!! haha... another lame reason to shop! Of course, I didn't come out empty handed! I bought a cute top, 3/4 length pants & panties! Will blog about it separately!

When I done with my shopping in M&S, I quickly rushed home to have dinner with hubby! We went to Kuchai Lama to have Dry Bak Kut Teh! I love the dry bak kut teh there, it's really good!! After dinner we went home! First thing I do is to change the curtain in my living hall! But I am really really tired! Will continue to change the curtain in my room on tomorrow!

After all the curtain changed, I will need to start tidy my guest room! Because I will have a very important guest coming over to stay with me for few days!! Since I will be away for 4 days from this weekend, thus, I must make sure everything is in order before the arrival of the special guest, as she will be arriving KL on the same day I come home from Macau! Welcome my dear!!!

Okok... will stop here, as I need to take my shower now and go to sleep! What a tired day!!! C ya gals tomorrow!!!


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